10 Things NOT to Wear

A picture tells a thousand words, and the following pictures really should say it all.  Remember though, opinions are like bums. Everyone has one. This post represents just that – MY opinion. Feel free to add your comments of what looks you think should be outlawed. Come on! Let’s play fashion-police, just for one day. You know you want to…

1. High-waisted, camel-toe shorts or jeans

2. Printed leggings

3. Marble-wash denim jeans

4. Liberty-print collared shirts

5. Thongs in winter

6. High-waisted jeans

7. Dresses so short they could be mistaken for long-tops

8. Velour Tracksuits worn in public (think Kath & Kym)

9. Coloured french manicures & acrylic nails with tips larger than the nail-bed

10. Visible hair extensions & over-bleached blonde hair

Photo credit: TMZ.com


5 Responses to 10 Things NOT to Wear

    • Oh honey, it’s OK. This is just one person’s opinion. Remember: Wear what you feel good in, and wear it with confidence. That’s the main thing! xx

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