2011 Emmys – Hit or Miss?

Can you pick my FOUR least faves? Which are yours?

Every year we have the awards ceremonies – and with it comes the equally as important Red Carpet Frock.

My chosen few this year are in the two colours which I rarely choose to dress my clients – red and black. It’s not that I don’t like either, it’s just that most of my clients have ENOUGH black in their wardrobe and quite frankly they just  don’t need anymore!
I also usually steer women away from red for two reasons:
1. They tend to wear the wrong shades of red (i.e. muddy reds), OR
2. They wear red WITH black. Too masculine, too harsh. Too football-jersey-like for my liking!
The set I’ve prepared above may appear to be all black and red – with a bit of pink and a touch of my favourite silver/grey thrown in for good measure – but none of the above outfits were chosen for their colour, believe it or not!  They were chosen because of style (or lack thereof); cut; hair, and accessories – and everything else that contributes to how an outfit works or doesn’t.
There are four (4) dresses in this set, of which I am truly NOT a fan. The others, I absolutely LOVE. Can you pick them? If you know me, or how Style Counsel works, I bet you’ll pick them in a heartbeat.  But regardless of what I think, what did YOU think of this year’s line-up? And of the above? Which is YOUR pick. Your Hit, and your Your Miss?…
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