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I’ve just created my first online community and I’d love to meet you/chat to you there! The overwhelming response after this week’s “Love Your Body” event for the YWCA has only consolidated in my mind that what I do, how I work, how I style is a GOOD THING! And there are so many people out there who want and need this type of support, share a common interest, and want to learn how to look good and feel better from the inside out!

Joining this community is free. As simple as one click. You will be able to chat to others, share thoughts, ideas, sale tips or bargains – anything really! Seek advice on anything related to style/self-esteem/confidence – keep abreast of what’s happening at Style Counsel and generally feel included in a community of like-minded people!

Please bare with me – I’m very new to this type of site and it may take me a few weeks to really get some good content on there. But in the meantime, I’ll be happy to chat to anyone who joins and really keen for you to post your comments on my blogs, on your experiences with your own body, relationships, wardrobe, shopping – anything really! There are no “rules” in this community – share on any topic you like really! The only thing I ask is that we all respect eachother’s differences and opinions. Note: anyone remotely like that “Alan” creature who posted horrible things about Emily Jade from Triple M in her recent blog – you are NOT welcome at Style Counsel Online. Go find somewhere else to  gain the attention you so obviously need! And don’t forget to make your bed and brush your teeth either…

Hope to meet you all online at Style Counsel Online soon!

Visit Style Counsel Online

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