Forget About Numbers – Concentrate on Figures

Dress for the age, shape and weight you are right now!

Looking fab at any weight or age. Confidence is the key to style!
I know how old this client is - you don't. I also know she looks many years younger in this gear than in her previous choices!

If I had a dollar for every person/client who said they will go shopping for new gear as soon as they’ve lost their weight, I’d be a very rich woman. Why put off looking good until you reach that magic number when you can look fabulous right now, no matter what your age or weight?

Weight is just a number. So is age. So is size. If we get hung up on numbers we achieve just one thing – an acute awareness of a number. We then get hung up on those figures and lose sight of our own figure!  The goal is to see your silhouette, not your size, just as I (as your stylist) would if I was selecting clothes for you. Because even if/when  you do lose the kilos you’re working so hard to lose, you basic body shape will probably not change much at all. Get to know your silhouette – your figure – and “unfriend” those other figures…they are just numbers that make you feel bad about yourself, reminding you that you are smaller or larger than what society says you ‘should’ be.

Here are some tips for dressing your curves right now:

  • Ignore ‘size’ – it’s a four letter word.  Think ‘fit’ and ‘shape’
  • The eye always goes to the print. Don’t wear prints on the bottom of your body with a solid colour on the top if you don’t want to draw the eye down to your lower half. Concentrate on simplicity and elegance.  Give bold prints and over-accessorising a big miss. It becomes visual pollution –  ‘chaos’ not ‘cover’.
  • Don’t wear heavy textured fabrics. They don’t mold neatly to your shape. Thick, heavy drill cottons will only add bulk and will make you feel chunkier than you are. Soft, drapey fabrics will be much more flattering.
  • Style Counsel LOVES Gut-Sucking Nanna Knickers. This Triumph Sculpt 'n Shape Skirt works miracles!
    Ambra Boy-Leg Waist Killers - great under jeans!

    Get yourself some nanna nickers now! These are the only Nanna items I will allow. Boy-leg gut-suckers (Ambra Boyleg Waist Killers) are THE best way to take away muffin-tops and VPL’s. Under skirts/dresses be sure to have All-in-one undies and belly-shaping skirts (Triumph Sculpt ‘n Shape is my pick).   No matter how big or small you are, the right undergarments give you so much more confidence and a much smoother line everywhere!


  • Don’t avoid what you perceive to be “skinny or young stores” No matter what your size or age, these stores are where you’ll find the latest scarves and accessories which will help you update your own wardrobe NOW.
  • Identify stores/labels: See if you can describe their basic style range/demographic into a category like: Sport, Lifestyle, Business, PM, Natural, Trendy, Cheap, Classic, Country etc.
  • Average Age-Range Myths: If the store stocks gear for an average age-range of say “45” this really means “up to 65” Likewise, even with a store you perceive as being only for the very young (e.g. Supre) there are still ways someone 10 or 20 years on the other side can make use of some key items if you’ve got a good sense of style.
  • Get on mailing lists! Sign up  for all the Loyalty Cardholder programs you can. You will be surprised at how much money you can save by just being on their databases and getting special sale prices for members only.   These are a few faves of mine – Witchery, Country Road, Fusion Card (Jag, Mathers, Colorado etc etc)
A beautiful dress for any shape/size. My client looking stunning in body-con!
  • Don’t buy anything unless it goes with at least three other things in your wardrobe.
  • Stop convincing yourself! If you need convincing (by yourself or a sales-assistant) the clothes are not right.   When you see something special you won’t have to be convinced!
  • Shop early in the season. Often extra small or extra large sizes are in short supply, so be there early to get your size. If you only ever wait for sales, you often miss out.
  • Buy to fit YOUR body now, regardless of price. It’s not a bargain if you wouldn’t have looked at it when it wasn’t on sale.
  • Buy less but wear it more! Work out the price per wear on a garment you really love. It will be cheaper in the long run than any of your Sale bargains.
  • Hair and make-up is the KEY to looking put together, not thrown together. Everyone, regardless of age or weight benefits from finding signature hairdo and mastering a quick, simple “make-down”. Make the effort every day to make everything you wear look so much better. Note: Cheap clothes on a well-groomed person will always look more expensive.  Expensive clothes on an ungroomed person doesn’t  look anywhere near as expensive!  You can still look unkempt and scruffy in designer labels if you don’t pay attention to the whole picture.

4 Responses to Forget About Numbers – Concentrate on Figures

  1. Oh my goodness – so true! I work in a fashion boutique and I wish more women would shop like that – we are constantly telling women to do exactly what you say – shop for clothes that FLATTER, not just fit, but also, the size on the tag doesn’t matter – no one else can see it, as long a you feel comfortable and look great that is the most important thing.

    Also a note on ‘sales assistants’ – shop in a shop where you feel comfortable with the staff and that puts an emphasis on customer service. We aren’t all the ‘tell you anything you want to hear’ airheads, some of us have had years of experience in the fashion industy and actually know what we are talking about, so give us a go and don’t judge before you walk in the door, we might actually be able to help you as opposed to just ‘convice you’ to buy anything.

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