Latest Trends. How do you know what to follow/what to ignore?

Do you buy clothes just because they appear to be the latest “thing”? Because that seems to be all there is TO buy in stores? Isn’t it tricky when you go shopping and all you seem to see is the latest trend, colour, style but you don’t actually LIKE it? You toddle off home thinking to yourself that you’re well and truly doomed to be wearing last year’s winter wardrobe/tracky daks/your PJ’s – and you’ll never be able to buy anything to update your current wardrobe with ever again!

REST EASY PEOPLE! You CAN and WILL find something that works for you. IF you know what really works for you!

Eventually, we do become desensitised…especially after a new look has been presented to you often enough in each store you walk into, and every second person you pass on the way to those stores seems to also be following that trend! In time,  you get worn down and you do think, “Oh well…may as well give it a go. It’s not like I’ll stand out like a sore thumb if I DO wear it, at least! Every man and his dog seems to be wearing it, so at worst, I just may blend in with the masses?”

This is what FASHION TRENDING is! If enough of the “high-street” stores (as they call them in the UK, and I’m sure is catching on here) adopt a certain trend, then enough women/men seem to take it on board because…THEY HAVE NO REAL CHOICE in many cases!

BUT! If you want to have true style, you will stick to what you know works on/for YOU. I have followed some trends in the past (who hasn’t?) and I guess I will again. The difference is, I’ve done it not purely to make me feel like I’m ahead of the game/in fashion – I’ve done it only because it’s a trend that actually does work for me. For my body shape. For my lifestyle. My budget, etc.

In general, there is nothing wrong with following a “trend” IF (and only if):
a) It works for you – your budget, your personality, and your body shape
b) You’re over 30 and you’re NOT just doing it so you can feel like you fit in with your peers
c) You’re under 30 AND you’re doing it just so you can feel like you it in with your peers (that’s what being young is often about – and it’s nothing to feel bad about either – just make sure you can pull it off well please! Ask me if you’re not sure…)

What do you think? What’s your favourite current trend? What trends do you refuse to follow at the moment because it simply doesn’t fit with you/who you are/your body etc?

I’ll start off the answers to the above questions here. One trend I won’t follow are those crazy, almost “Star Trek-like” padded shoulders I’ve seen on a number of newsreaders lately. A proportional padded shoulder can do wonders to balance hips (I did them in the 80’s and a subtle one even now works wonders!) but I won’t take that trend and exxagerate it so my shoulders look like space-age WINGS, just because some current “trend-peddler” tells me it’s “IN”!

What do you think? Share your thoughts here….

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3 Responses to Latest Trends. How do you know what to follow/what to ignore?

  1. Bodysuits – the type that button at the crotch. I remember all too well the complete impracticality of them in my late teens….and how tricky it was to go to the loo after a few quiet drinks…and it was even trickier to get them done back up again! They’re back in the shops and I just can’t understand why.

  2. Love it Kym! Sooooo true!!! Who wants to have to spend more time “down there” in the loo than we have to?! Supre have them, and I believe they sell like hot-cakes to the 14 – 20 year olds…Poor souls. Someone should really set them straight! hehehe

  3. I refuse to buy a jumpsuit or clogs and I must admit I am a little scared of the shoulder pad trend! But anything that makes my butt look smaller should be embraced with both hands I guess.

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