Media Personality Style Case Studies

Love him. Love his work. But I’m afraid I rarely love his suiting choices

Some days I watch TV and instead of focusing on what the presenter is saying I find myself distracted by their clothing choices. For media personalities, the key is simplicity and elegance. A touch of their personality can of course shine through  but too much “personality” can also distract. Case in point, the very worldly, intelligent, interesting, knowledgeable Dr Keith Suter. Love him! Love his work! Love his vision – but  really don’t love his clothing choices! He generally has way too much going on – striped shirts, spotty ties, pinstripe suits, kerchief, hair in need of a trim…too much of most things.

Prue’s signatures – platinum blonde hair & statement necklaces. No shrinking violet, her image suits her personality to a tee!

Recently I watched Weekend Sunrise and was delighted to see Prue MacSween in one of my favourite shades of grey (there are many, I know!). It was a softer hue than she’d generally choose, and with her platinum blonde hair, simple statement silver neck-cuff and grey top (could’ve been a dress, but can’t be sure as I couldn’t see below the desk) she was positively shining! Elegant, sophisticated, uncluttered, stunning – see the power of colour? Prue always “makes a statement”.  Never one to shy away from controversy, Prue really nails her segments when she  balances her strong stances/opinions with simple, uncluttered elegance.

Kylie has a signature style of her own. She rarely fails to impress…

Another Personality who gets my big thumbs-up is Morning Show’s  Kylie Gillies.

Her signature hair is fantastic – colour and style working perfectly – and her personal style always shows through in her choices of definite colours/prints (generally kaftan or shift-style dresses; interesting sleeves or necklines). She favours slightly shorter-length dresses and pulls it off well with great pins &g great shoes (statement shoes often, but  not OTT).

SO! There you have it! Some of Style Counsel’s Style critiques. What do you think? Got any faves or least-faves to share with me? Go right ahead! Because opinions really ARE like bums – everyone has one, and I’ve never seen two bum’s exactly the same – yet!

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