Opinions Are Like Bums – Everyone Has One!

Alison working her magic with her pick of the season's Country Road at her All About You Makeover event

It’s true! Everyone has one, and no two bums are exactly the same! So once again for what it’s worth…here’s mine (opinion that is – not my bum!)  A quick guide to Spring Trends ’10: The trends to embrace; The colours/stores I’m loving right now; and Media Personality style case-studies. Always remember though, there really is no wrong or right. If you FEEL confident in something you will pull it off with style. If you’re in doubt, it shows too! So no matter what your Personal Stylist,  friend, partner or mum says,  if  YOU love it and feel great in it, go ahead and wear it! But don’t forget the essential ingredients for flawless style…a signature hairstyle, simple natural makeup, attention to detail (great shoes/bags!) a big smile and top-notch communication skills – good manners and respect always spell style!


Silky cargos: There will be many styles to choose from this season. Why do I love them? Relaxed, unstructured comfort – a welcome change from skin-tight skinnies/leggings and way-too-short dresses of last season. It’s essential with this style that you don’t confuse comfort with sloppiness (hence the silky fabric choice which gives them a certain elegance and balances out the casualness of the style).  I suggest a lower-rise, sitting loosely/relaxed on the hips to elongate the upper body and make your bum look tiny. Look for a pair that can be cropped or worn long with ease (many have tabs or elastic at the ankle to achieve this effect). Team with wedges or heels to dress them up and add length to the legs – and always wear a fitted tank/cami tucked in (to balance to volume on top).  Skinny legs & no bum? Beware cargos/fabrics that are too stiff/structured – they can make you look skinnier and hide any hint of legs or shape to your bum beneath.  Are you curvy? Silky fabrics that drape loosely will really be your friend as they won’t add too much bulk and will move with your body. Don’t wear too high on the waist (high-waisted = large arse!).  Shoe options: Chunky wedges or espadrilles; flat gladiators or T-bar sandals; Chunky heels; Converse-style sneakers;  Avoid: Ballet flats (makes them look a little too “Genie in the bottle/harem style” which is not what the look is about) and of course I don’t need to tell you to not wear this particular style of cargo with joggers, now do I?! Do I?

50’s Inspired Dresses: Even just one will give your Spring/Summer wardrobe a quick, stylish and oh-so-classic update! Be sure the waist sits on your natural waist-line (never above!) and aim for a neckline/sleeve that extends out wide to the shoulders to balance hips and give a better illusion of an hour-glass figure – which is of course what this style is all about!


For years I’ve been a “pusher” of my favourite style-drug of choice – NEUTRALS – so you can imagine my joy at the amount of choices available in my favourite colour palette these last few seasons! Remember, fashion moves in cycles. Fads come and go in the blink of an eye. Some stand the test of time and slowly develop into a “Trend” and neutrals are one of them. For me though, they are more than a trend – neutrals are CLASSICS which will hang around in some form year in, year out!

Wear White (especially up against your face) – it really does take 10 years off! A little white dress is a must-have for summer (almost, if not more imperative than the LBD in the warmer months!). Team white with this season’s Khaki and blues (loving Country Road‘s blues this season, and the vast array of choices of shoes and bags this season is girl’s dream!). And TAN accessories – this season it should be easier than ever to find great tan accessories (which, by the way are classics – and never out of style!).  I’m also loving Witchery‘s colour palette this season – for neutral anoraks, cargos, and great shoes/bags (yes, OK! So they are my weakness!)

Style/Colour Tip: Beware too much colour/patterns on the bottom half of the body if that area is not your favourite feature. Instead, draw attention upward to your best bits and keep the cut/colour streamlined and simple on your least-favourites.


Dr Keith Suter - Love his work, but never his suit choices!

Some days I watch TV and instead of focusing on what the presenter is saying I find myself distracted by their clothing choices. For media personalities, the key is simplicity and elegance. A touch of their personality can of course shine through  but too much “personality” can also distract. Case in point, the very worldly, intelligent, interesting, knowledgeable Dr Keith Suter. Love him! Love his work! Love his vision – but  really don’t love his clothing choices! Way too much going on – striped shirts, spotty ties, pinstripe suits, kerchief, hair in need of a trim…too much of most things.

Today I watched Weekend Sunrise and was so happy to see Prue MacSween in one of my favourite shades of grey (there are many, I know!) With her platinum blonde hair, simple statement silver neck-cuff and grey top (could’ve been a dress, but can’t be sure as I couldn’t see below the desk) she was positively shining! Elegant, sophisticated, uncluttered, stunning – see the power of colour? Prue always “makes a statement”.  Never one to shy away from controversy, Prue really nails her segments when she  balances her strong stances/opinions with simple, uncluttered elegance.

Another TV Personality who always  gets my big Style-thumbs-up is Kylie Gillies from The Morning Show. Her signature hair is fantastic – colour and style working perfectly – and her personal style always shows through in her choices of definite colours/prints (generally kaftan or shift-style dresses; interesting sleeves/necklines). She favours slightly shorter-length dresses and she can pull that off well as they show off her pins and great shoes (statements shoes, often, but they are rarely if ever OTT).

SO! There you have it! Some of Style Counsel’s opinions for the start of the Spring Season ’10. What do you think? Got any faves or peeves to share with us? Go right ahead! Because opinions really ARE like bums – everyone has one, and I’ve never seen two bum’s exactly the same – yet!

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  1. Alison I just wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoy your blog and I love how you construct your tips – very easy to follow and really thorough. I find myself asking a question as I’m reading and the next sentence has already answered it for me. It’s like reading my favourite fashion mag but with the humour!. I have loved the silky cargo look but with a shorter bottom than top I’ll have to find the right pair and put them with heels to give me some much added length. You really inspire me to try new things and stay out of the fashion rut – thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Heather! Means a LOT to me to know when I hit the mark with readers and inspire. If you need any other tips, don’t hesitate to email me – always happy to answer questions one on one! Your comments really made Big Al’s day!

  3. Hi Kirsty, sorry for super late reply…had thought I’d sent this long ago. Thanks for the lovely compliment on my shoes! An absolute bargain – reduced from $150 to $48 from Hype DC last year! Clearly I am the Queeeeen of bargains!? xx

  4. I like Keith’s apparell, this is his signature and is an expression of his confidence. I think he is great.

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