Shopping for Spring

Today I went shopping and this is what I found!

I’m still freezing my you-know-whats off with our Brisbane night-time temps getting down as low as 5 degrees.   While the days are spectacularly beautiful (around 22 degrees) and I know most of you down south would be telling me to just “woman-up” and quit whining about the cold, most would still agree it’s a bit hard to shop “Winter” with the stores filling with all these breezy, lightweight little numbers!

SO, to help get us all in the mood, I’ve put together a few pieces to mix ‘n match as we all (supposedly) head into Spring!

Take your pick – everything here is from Country Road (except for the lovely floaty number from Witchery which would look great worn under the minimal jacket, just quietly). All of these will mix-and-match beautifully. Just swap with your favourite bottoms – be they your own denim jeans (cropped for spring, to show off your pretty sandals or ballet flats) or your favourite new gelato  or pastel coloured denims or capris.

A few other online shopping tips to accompany these pieces: Try Just Jeans for more coloured jeans (2 pairs for $100!) and for some great coloured blazers (you know – work to play and all the way back again!). Then it’s just shoes and bags girls! Remember – Style Counsel Says…”You can have as many of those as you want!” Without a good range of shoes and bags (oh, and jackets) your wardrobe will never work as well as could!

You heard it hear first ladies!





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  1. Why am I not shocked to hear that you would have spotted a few of these already, Lana?! You were such a good “student” years ago – I love to hear that it’s still working for you! Enjoy the bag – it’s a classic and will give you years of joy and great outfits! xx

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