Smart Sale Shopping

You'll be walking on air after the sales if you follow some of these guidelines

OK. So here it is. I’ve teased you enough with all the preparations for the sales up to now.  So now, here’s how smart shoppers do it!

Remember, a bargain isn’t a bargain if you never wear it! A $400 designer dress reduced to $30 is NOT (I repeat, not) a bargain if it’s something you would never have considered buying before it was reduced. Just because it’s a designer label doesn’t mean it’s stylish or will suit you – but then you already knew that, right?!

Ask yourself these questions, and be really honest with the answers: 

1.  Do you REALLY LOVE IT? I mean, if you were to leave it behind would it be playing on your mind all day and you’d likely call the store to ask if it was still there the minute you got home without it? If you really really love it, regardless of price you must then ask…
2. Will it go with at least three other things in your wardrobe? You must be able to list those three items quickly – no desperately clutching at straws here trying to convince yourself  when deep down you know that it will probably only work with your black shoes (daah!)! And finally,
3. Will you get enough bang for your buck? I mean really…will you get enough wear out of it? No matter how much it’s been reduced, a bargain ain’t no bargain if you ain’t gonna wear it!

So what should you be looking out for during sale periods? Here are my suggestions for stylish, savvy shoppers…

Here’s Your Shopping List!

Use Sales to bag yourself bargains that you WILL wear, DO need, and WILL stand the test of time. Buy style staples – classic pieces you would’ve bought during the year, but can afford now they’re on SALE! Things like…

  • Hot, dark wash jeans (I recommend Jag mid-rise slim/straight in a dark wash or Country Road Regular Skinny). Buy one size smaller than you think you need. They can, will and do stretch, and saggy baggy jeans are not flattering no matter what your size!
  • Shoes, shoes, more shoes! The biggest issue most of my clients have when they visit me is that they don’t have enough shoes to really set off the outfits we create. If you don’t believe me, stand barefoot in your favourite frock. See? No matter how lovely the dress, the overall effect is somehow lost isn’t it? Having lots of shoe options can change an outfit from day to night, from formal to corporate etc etc. It’s the power of the shoe!
  • The best quality, light neutral leather bag you can afford. A cheap PU bag cheapens most outfits. You don’t have to spend thousands to get a good leather bag. What you do have to do is your research so you don’t just settle for just any old bag. You must love it so you will use it year in and year out. Don’t go for too much bling or logos. Keep it simple, classy and functional and you’ll get true bang for your buck! If you’re starting out on your bag wardrobe, go for light neutral as it will go with almost everything. And don’t think that black is the only fail-safe neutral colour. Grey, beige, tan, cream are all neutral too you know! And by lightening up your outfit with a light bag, you’ll start yourself on a mystical journey away from boring, basic black (but more on that in later posts…)
  • Shapewear. Gutsuckers. Nanna-knickers. Call them what you like, but the sales are a great time to refresh your undies drawer! I recommend Ambra Boyleg Waist Killers (no muffin-tops above your jeans with those little babies!) and for a sleek line under dresses go for the Triumph Sculpt ‘n Shape “skirt”. You can fold it over and pull it up or down for extra support where you most want it.
  • For the home, ofcourse there’s the good ol’ favourites – bed linen, crockery and cutlery – but don’t overlook the pure pleasure you get drinking wine out of a beautiful wine glass. Or how about tossing out those ugly old teatowels you’ve had since you left home and buying some nice new ones in a colour that will set the tone for a revamp of more than just your kitchen? Repeat that splash of colour with new cushions for the living room and you’ll tie in the look, accessorising with colour just like I teach you to do with your clothes!
  • Jackets are so, so important – they transform outfits and help you build a transeasonal wardrobe for Spring and Autumn. Keep an eye out for neutral cropped styles that you can layer over longer-line floaty tops. This is a fail-safe style that suits most body shapes (but more on that later too!)
  • Scarves are a must-have (I’ll be giving tips on scarf-tying in future posts, so you’d better be prepared!). And this season why not take advantage of the many lovely statement necklaces out there? You can build on your accessories wardrobe during the sales and will never find yourself short of ways to reinvent outfits (and you’ll have saved a bomb in the process)!
  • Luggage is always important and post-Xmas sales are a great time to get yourself some stylish pieces. Start with a small on-board case and build from there. Stay away from glitzy styles and go with simply, quality classic styles. I saw some the other day with bows all over it.Eeek? I think it was Alannah Hill’s range.  I guess you’d never miss your luggage on the carousel. And no one would steal it either. (See, I’m trying to find a positive, but I am struggling!)

Happy shopping girls! Please feel free to share any great bargains here as you go – I love comments on my blog, but I think you guys are kinda shy as many of you contact me directly. Why not take the plunge and share your thoughts here too? You’ll inspire others and we can all help eachother bag bargains along the way!


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2 Responses to Smart Sale Shopping

  1. Thanks Al. I’m ready to go. I took advantage of the pre-Christmas sales to get some gut-suckers. Magic little things they are that are helping me hide the few pre-Chrissy kilos that have found their way to my waist.

    The holy grail for me is a pair of funky, tan sandals and some beige patent ballet flats. And cropped jackets. And maybe one navy maxi dress. And a wide tan belt….and maybe I better stay away from the shops before I go broke.

  2. Hey Al, after being bought a very expensive camera last Christmas and then going through the heart break of seeing it literally $100’s cheaper on boxing day, we have decided the following:

    1. No presents for each other this year until after the sales!
    2. Sensible items only…
    3. So off we head on boxing day to the Sheridan factory outlet store for bed linen and towels!

    Merry Christmas to all the fellow bargain hunters! Hope you’re feeling better lovely 🙂

    Laura x

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