SO…What’s IN this Season? Spring ’11

They say if you remember doing a certain trend the first time, don't go back for seconds...

Ever noticed how, at the beginning of a season, you see a new colour palette creeping into stores – and you cringe? Like right now? Bright reds, greens, almost fleuro yellows are fast taking over as winter’s dulls are being morphed into a circus of brights. You find yourself muttering to yourself as you pass yet another shop window of hyper-colours that you are clearly doomed to look like a road-worker if you embrace the latest trend, or worse…doomed to yet another summer without being able to find a THING to wear/to suit you?

Fast forward a couple of months and you somehow find yourself if not quite “warming” to the new trend, at least not vomiting in your mouth every time you spot it in stores? Fast forward a little further down the track to when a few pieces of that very same, once-despised cut of skinny or harem pants, bold or bland colour has somehow managed to make it’s way into (God forbid) YOUR wardrobe?

Aaah yes. The power of fashion!  And like it or not – fashion-follower or not – trends will find a way to work their way into our psyche, our homes, our wardrobes, our garages – whether we want them to or not!

Think back… to when Tuscan-style houses, mustard renders and terracotta were all the rage – from our floors to the paint colour on our houses. To when yellow and blue crockery were everywhere – as were blue Spanish wine glasses, dried flower arrangements, slate on floors, etc etc. It happens all around us, every day. From house paint colours, crockery, home wares, furniture, clothes, cars, bedding, makeup, hairstyles. The list goes on…

Fashion fades – style is eternal.

Media frequently contact me with the inevitable fashion-forward question “So tell us. What’s IN this season?” My response usually goes something like this…

“Take a look around you. Find the nearest teenager. See what they’re wearing? That’s what’s IN. Perhaps your question to me should be more along the lines of  ‘Should I be IN IT?’ But be prepared for my answer to quite often be an emphatic NO!”

Why? Well it’s not because I don’t LIKE new fashions or trends. Nor am I digging my heels in and refusing to be dictated to by fashion. It’s more because I believe it takes time for us (me included) to get used to many new-season looks and to feel confident enough to give them a shot. And it’s in that pre/early-season stage that many of the latest trends prove to be more of a passing FAD, replaced a month or so later with another variation and we’re then spared that part in the decision-making process! Remember, by the time said trends hit our Aussie shores, we’re often a good year or so behind and often getting the cast-offs from the other side of the globe. But I never said that…did I?

No sooner are the latest trends on every magazine cover, than they’ve already been replaced by a completely different fad overseas. The speed at which new ranges appear (for example in stores like Zara) is an indicator of just how quickly fashion-fads cycle – both in and out!

Those that do develop into a TREND only do so after they’ve stood a few more tests of time and market demand. And even then, those trends will be considered out of fashion before too long newer fashion trends continue to cycle. What’s out this season will eventually make return or make it’s come-back at some stage – it’s knowing “when” it’s safe to bring out those ol’ faves – those bell-bottom jeans and crocheted tops – and when it’s best to just keep them in the closet for the next fancy-dress party, that’s the tricky bit!

Test Yourself

Using the latest colour blocking trend as an example, decide whether to embrace or ignore by asking yourself the following:

  • Do I even really like these colours? And if I do, do I really like them ALL together at once and on my bike Zara) is an indicator of jusis a little more like me?
  • Will this particular piece look a little foolish on someone over 18? OR on someone with my more conservative/shy personality?
  • Does the particular item Im considering have enough essential classic elements for it to last longer than one season?
  • Can some elements be toned down to suit me? Eg perhaps a bright red bag, a cobalt blue camisole, or bold green scarf will make you feel just as “on trend” without the need to buy a complete outfit of brights and overpowering you or your current wardrobe?
  • Can my own classic wardrobe staples be successfully teamed with this piece? e.g. one or two brights mixed and broken up with my (more Style Counsel-approved) signature neutrals?
  • Thinking of my budget nowwill buying too many bejeweled brights this season mean less of a budget to embrace, say, next season’s pastels?

 It’s really all about conditioning and confidence…

We often pooh-pooh a new trend when it first comes out. But the media keeps chipping away at our resolve until it’s seen in so many magazines, TV shows and stores that we start feel like a dinosaur if we don’t at least make an attempt totry to inject just a little of that new trend into our current wardrobe.

Aaah…such is the power of fashion!  It can make you feel confident. It can make you feel “with it”, updated, fresh and new. BUT it can just as easily make you feel more confused and perhaps even look a little foolish! That’s why we Stylists are still (and probably always will be ) in business.

I don’t sell fashion, I sell confidence. I teach the tips and tricks about HOW to wear the latest fashions. Or perhaps not. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel in the latest fashions – or how you don’t. The choice is always yours. Still confused? Welcome to the wonderful world of deciphering the code – Fashion Vs Style.

I rest my case!

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