Introducing Alison Triffett - Speaker, Stylist, Image Consultant copy 2014-07-27_15-15-52 copyAlison’s keynote presentations and workshops were created in response to different organisations and personal contacts wanting group sessions to teach the fundamentals of styling.

In an informal group setting, participants are taught many styling basics, tricks and tips. There’s plenty of Q&A time to pick Alison’s brains about a range of style topics including:

  • The Capsule Wardrobe
  • Layering & Accessorising
  • Dressing For Your Body Shape
  • Corporate Style & Etiquette
  • The 5 Minute Makeup Makedown
  • Al’s Story – How to Look Good & Feel Better (Living with Invisible Disabilities)

And many more topics….

“Give a man an outfit, you give him style for one occasion.  Teach a man how to dress, and you give him style for a lifetime. Well, it goes something like that!”

(Alison Triffett, Style Counsel)