Spring Has Sprung? Could’ve Fooled Me…

Spring is in the air - time to lighten up girls! In more ways than one!

I believe (so far at least in theory, and because it’s what the latest fashion in-stores is telling me) that “Spring has Sprung”? I guess I also believe it because it’s October and we DID have a few lovely warm days a little while back. I guess therefore, that also means it’s time for a Spring Clean which means it’s time we all got a little more organized and prepared for the business end of 2011?

Well, not being one to disappoint, here come my TOP TIPS for being stylish and getting ready for the lazy days/party season that lies ahead… 

As I’m also hoping you’ll have come to expect/understand that these tips won’t ALL be related to simply looking good! They are, in fact, mainly related to feeling good – and more importantly to helping others feel good. By now, we should all know how passionate I am about being stylish on the inside, not just the outside. (Right? Got it? Just checking) Good! Well without further ado then, here goes…

1. Spring is… time to OPEN UP. It’s warming up outside, which means we too can at least open up a little. That can easily be applied to “the person” especially if there’s been an unresolved issue festering or worrying you. Is there perhaps a way you can address it or bring it out into the open? Is there a way you can get it sorted or cleared up – before Xmas – which as we all know can be one of the most stressful times of year for so many of us

2. Spring is…time to get OUTSIDE. Not just into the sunshine, but outside of ourselves! It’s time to look past how we are feeling. Or what we are focusing on, and perhaps to shifting our focus on something other than our own needs? It’s surprising how a simple shift of focus can change our outlook! It’s almost addictive! http://stylecounselonline.com.au/blog/365-acts-of-kindness-love-is/

3. Spring is…time to LIGHTEN UP! And I don’t just mean our attitude, although that’s always important. I am actually now referring to your wardrobe (at last I hear you say?). Not that I have expected anything different from your Winter wardrobe, must I remind you again? White/light is your friend. Break out of your black/dark rut girls! Here’s why…

If I put a few cubes/boxes in front of you right now – a black one, a white one, a red, yellow, blue, green one – and then I asked you to identify the heaviest,  I bet you’d (in the main) say “the black one”. What’s that telling you?

• Black is a dense, heavy colour.
• Black by nature is dark, ominous, morbid, depressing, dull…HEAVY!
• There’s a reason we don’t dress our babies in BLACK!
• It’s generally not that flattering (it’s not even a colour!) and it’s certainly NOT always slimming despite what you’ve been brought up to believe!

Sure, dark colours may recede and light colours will then seem to advance. BUT it’s not a hard and fast rule for looking slimmer with your body/clothing!

There are many other ways to create a slim-line silhouette. Black is a lazy/fail-safe fallacy. A façade. Just ask me – I can prove it!

If you really want to know the simple answer to getting out of your black/dark rut…just ask me! I promise I’ll answer you, right here…

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