Your Working Wardrobe Sorted – MONDAY


2013-03-04_10-53-18As promised recently on my Facebook page, here’s the first of my series to help you solve the “I haven’t got thing to wear to work” styling dilemma without having to buy a s**t-load of clothes!

I’m hoping it will explain to you the basics of building a Capsule Wardrobe. A concept I know that many of my clients struggle with.  Yet it’s the very thing that can make your life SO much easier/cheaper! Hopefully this series will both help and inspire you? The items shown here are examples only. If you want to know where these particular ones are from, you’ll see I’ve already replied to that question from Tanya on my Facebook Page here. The key is that you choose items that will mix and match easily – and the seven items in this example will then be reworked and presented to you each day as a different outfit for each day of the working week.

Please enjoy. Please be inspired. And by no means think that your own capsule has to look anything like mine here. Just work on the basic concept. Choose pieces that mix and match (i.e. lots of neutrals) and that can create many different outfits using those key pieces. I’ll be sharing one for every day of the week. Just by changing either your accessories or adding a different top colour, shoes, or any separate, you will be able to create your own working week solutions to suit your own personal style!

So…here’s your outfit for MONDAY. Check back in tomorrow for Tuesday’s outfit inspiration using the same 7 key pieces above!
















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