Your Working Week Sorted – Tuesday’s Outfit

purd71750a2cfee8cfdAs promised, below is your outfit inspiration for Tuesday, using the same original 7 key pieces presented earlier this week.

Remember, you can mix and match according to your own personal style preferences. This is just an example how the same 7 key items (when carefully selected) can form the basis of your Corporate Capsule Wardrobe…

Here is the original basic capsule to remind you. The addition of bags, belts, scarves, accessories will really change each look as you go. It will also enable you to put your own stamp on each outfit.


This is Tuesday’s outfit suggestion…


Perhaps next week, you might want to keep working with a similar capsule (selected ahead of time for maximum impact) but changing the pants from black to stone. Or the coral blazer to blue? Just one change of those pieces will dictate a change of top options and/or shoes, bags and accessories.

There are no rules to say you can’t change those every day – and you don’t have to stick with a core capsule of 7 items either. I’ve selected this number to show you how much bang for your styling-buck you can get using a minimum of 7 items.

So off you go! Using this as your inspiration, why don’t you work out your own 7 items and start planning next week’s capsule?

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Tomorrow…Wednesday’s outfit inspiration. Make sure you come back to check it out!

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