Your Working Week Sorted – Friday

Your Working Week Sorted – Friday

Yes! It’s Friday! And here’s  your last outfit inspiration created from my original 7 piece Corporate Capsule Wardrobe last week.

Many workplaces offer the option of “Casual Friday” but there are still rules for this. Casual for work doesn’t translate to the same casual you may think of on weekends…

But before I go on a bit further about Casual Fridays, let me refresh your memory… Here’s the original 7 piece capsule wardrobe from which I’ve created the above outfit for you.


Now, let me give you a few pointers to remember on what is actually appropriate for Casual Fridays and what isn’t.


Just because they call it “casual” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily quite as casual as it may seem. And always check your company’s Uniform Policy before even accepting this advice as gospel. It all depends on where you work, the industry in which you work, and your company’s specific Uniform Policy and rules.


Girls & Guys:   Thongs; Singlets; Faded/ripped/distressed denim; mini skirts; short shorts; denim shorts; sun-dresses and sandals; flannelette shirts; beanies; camisoles; sheer/see through fabrics; slogan tees; converse-style sneakers; joggers/runners.


Girls:  Shirts; dark denim jeans (maybe – depending on policy); ballet flats or loafers (think preppy/casual); dresses (not too short or casual); slightly more casual tops with sleeves or a modest tank/cami with a cardigan; Capri pants and ballet flats.

Guys:   No tie is acceptable if you usually do have to wear one; chinos instead of dress pants; no jacket, if you normally do have to wear one; polos instead of button-down shirts; loafers/deck-shoes instead of lace-ups; BUT please check with your company uniform policy first.

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