“But I Like to Try Things On…”

I was at a friend’s for drinks recently when they complimented me on my boots. I announced that I had bought them online during a recent hospital stay, and they were the best “get well” pressie I could’ve bought myself! They were genuinely shocked that the experience can be so hassle-free – a great price, perfect fit, and a colour/style that they’d been seeking but not able to find in stores.

Then one of the girls said “But then you’re the queen of Online shopping Al” (to which I replied “Why thank you! I do like to think so :)”)  “But I still think I’d rather see and try before I buy”. Arrrgh!…

To all of you out there who think the same way, here’s what I want to say:

So…you think having items arrive at your door the day after you’ve purchased them, ready for you to try on in the comfort of your own home, matching them with all your own clothes, having your hubby there to offer his (usually not needed) opinion, with natural lighting etc etc is NOT trying it on?” And if they don’t suit, being able to print out a reply-paid return slip on your computer and popping it in the nearest red post-box down the street is a hassle too?

Seriously, it really is that easy! I do it ALL the time for my clients (and myself). Actually, I’m also a bit partial to eBay  too (only downside is not many people on offer free shipping and returns. Pooh).

If you’re still saying “hmm…I’m not sure it’s for me” then all I can say is “Wow…you’re hard to please girlfriend!” Perhaps you really should just stick with the devil you know; your traditional method of shopping. Pay for petrol and/or parking, fight for a parking space, tackle pushy sales-assistants or be ignored by others; get sore feet pounding the pavements for hours and then still not find what you’re after – AND pay more too!? Oh, and what about when you get it home and it doesn’t go with your existing stuff? Have fun being stuck with a credit note at a shop you’ll rarely go to again, because the store doesn’t offer refunds if you change your mind. Yeah, you have fun with that…

Of course, not everything we buy online is going to fit perfectly. Just like everything we try on in stores won’t either. But do you know what many of the wonderful online e-tailers offer which really sweetens the deal? Not only free shipping and returns, but a choice of either full refund OR a credit for 110% of the purchase price! AND they often throw in a voucher for $15 (or more) off your next purchase too, to “Make sure y’all come back again now, ya hear?” How good is THAT people?!!!

Now, a little shameless plug, if you will. If you’re a bit of an online shopping naysayer, or you’d like to try it out but  just don’t know where to start, there is another way of doing things. It’s what I’ve done for my clients for years now – let your Personal Stylist shop for you! She knows where to shop, and what will suit you to create the look you’re after. The fees are reasonable and you’ll be surprised how much she’ll find for you in a short space of time. Of course that Personal Stylist would be me! Click here to find out more… And keep an eye out for my next blog coming very soon with my top 5 online picks!

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    • Oh it was more than written FOR you honey! It was written ABOUT you! heheh. Remember I said theres’s a blog in this conversation? Well, I’m clearly a woman of my word, aren’t I?! 🙂

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