10 Minutes with…Channel Nine’s Sylvia Jeffreys

10 Minutes with…Channel Nine’s Sylvia Jeffreys

You heard it here first – just in case you hadn’t already noticed it yourself!  Sylvia Jeffries is one of those rare natural beauties –  stylish inside and out – which is, of course, a prerequisite if you’re going to make Style Counsel’s “People Of Great Style” list!

This talented Channel Nine Journalist is definitely a rising star to watch.  Sylvia Jeffries presents the weekend weather & occasionally the news, and at the tender young age of 25, her natural style and talent is obvious. She really does emanate polish and confidence well-beyond her years.

Born in Brisbane, Sylvia is the youngest of three children. She attended Holland Park State Primary School, then Brisbane State High… After a gap year living in England and travelling around Europe, Sylvia returned to Brisbane to study Arts/Journalism at UQ. She says her “family love her because they have to” but really, what’s not to like? if you’ve ever met or had anything to do with this young woman I am certain you’d agree with me on that too!

On Style…

“I would describe my signature style as Mood dependent.  But mostly minimalist and tailored.  My style icon is Sarah Murdoch – she nails effortless glamour”.  My most memorable style/fashion moment was tripping on stairs during a live Today Show broadcast on Melbourne Cup day. I managed to keep my outfit (including hat) intact, thereby avoiding a fashion catastrophe!  A proud, albeit humiliating, fashion moment”!

Unlike most of my clients who sheepishly admit to a wardrobe full of black, and perhaps a little more black, the colour that dominates Sylvia’s wardrobe is actually burnt orange.  “Yes, it’s a colour!” she proclaims! As a Stylist, I have to admit styling someone whose wardrobe staple is burnt orange would certainly be a challenge, but I have no doubt this girl knows exactly what she’s doing, without my help!

Sylvia, like many in the media spotlight, avoids wearing makeup on her days off – “It’s good to let your skin breathe!” Her wardrobe favourite is a plain white t-shirt from Zara.  “I’m a simple gal,” she says. “I think what makes a person truly stylish is confidence in what they wear and how they wear it.” Oh, Sylvia, I couldn’t agree more!


Sylvia’s favourite physical feature is her “long arms – all the better for reaching things”, while her least favourite physical feature is her size 11 feet; “Shoe shopping is a nightmare!”. Her favourite personal feature is optimism, and her style tip is to “Smile – it never hurts!” – something that again, is aligned with Style Counsel teachings on the power of the first impression and making others feel good in your presence (told you the gal had style, didn’t I?).

Favourite stores: For work – Saba and Veronika Maine. For play: Calexico (James St), Scanlan & Theodore (James St).  Online:  Shopbop.com

Favourite Restaurant: Himalayan Café in the Valley. Always fun with a big group of friends.

Favourite drink: Alcoholic – mojito.  Non-alcoholic – water will do.

Favourite Football code/team: Queenslander.  That’s all that matters.

On a Personal Note…

Being such a friendly, open person herself, it’s no wonder Sylvia loves people who greet her with a smile and dislikes people who yell at waiters in restaurants. It’s also no surprise to hear that when she leaves this earth she’d want to be remembered as a good friend/sister/daughter.  When she grows up, she wants to be a mum. Sylvia says “I am truly passionate about good food, friends and family.  Combining them all at once is always a bonus. The one thing I (eventually) want my children to know is everything my mum taught me. The importance of family and BALANCE. Work hard, and play hard, but be sure to rest in between.”

What are you most afraid of? “There’s a lot to be afraid of when working in live TV. A brain freeze, a wardrobe malfunction…. I don’t know where to begin!”

If money was no object, this is where Sylvia would most like to be/see yourself now/or in 5 years time… “Probably in a tiny village in Spain, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.  Otherwise, right here in Brisbane will be fine by me.

And in brief – Some Random facts about Sylvia –

Pet hate? Humidity.  My hair can’t hack it.

Biggest weakness? Dark chocolate and peanut butter.

Something not many people would know about me is… I played Girls Cricket in High School.  And loved it!

Black or white? Black (Aaah, Sylvia. If I had a dollar for every person who said, that, I’d be a rich woman. I must keep spreading the word about the power of “lightening up” – in more ways than one 😉

Royalist or republican? Royalist when there’s a wedding involved.  Republican when there’s not.

Beach or bush? Beach.

Morning or night? Morning.

Winter or summer? Spring – Not too hot, not too cold.  Just right.

Exercise or Veg Out: Run when I have the energy, walk when I don’t.  And I sweat it out at Bikram yoga at least once a week.

I’m always fascinated to hear what our celebs think of  Social Networking. Is it something they take to like a duck to water or are they fiercely private when out of the media spotlight themselves. Sylvia says “I am addicted to Facebook and Twitter.  Social networking can be your friend or foe depending on whether you use it wisely.  I’m working on that!”. I’d have to say, Sylvia uses it very well. She updates with relevant information and answers tweets not only from her inner circle – that’s a true indicator of style in my book. Too many celebs (local, national and international) only engage with those they know personally. They don’t realise if you’re going to sign up for such a public forum, it’s polite to at least try to answer messages from those you don’t know personally. It’s engaging and polite – all the things that Sylvia is!

And Finally…

“I think Alison’s next ‘Person of Great Style’  interview should be with Dominique Wright because she is daring, flamboyant, wild and exciting.  She’s also my best friend and owns a vintage store on the Sunshine Coast!”

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  1. Sylvia is just a beautiful girl. And a fit one as well . But got a pleasant smile on her face which is nice to see at times .

  2. I took an instant dislike to this person when she was very rude about redheads on weekend today, nice I don’t think so!!

  3. Hello,
    I think you look amazing in all your outfits.. I would like to know todays peachy dress is from please.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you for your time, keep up the great work

    From teline 🙂

  4. I like the way her smile was repeatedly brought up in this little insight… It’s beautiful & I think the main stylish tip anyone can take from this article… Your gorgeous SilviA & those eyes & smile I’m sure warm people on a daily basis

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