10 Minutes with…Tara Castle

10 Minutes with…Tara Castle

I first met Tara working on a project for the YWCA’s  “Love Your Body” event with Rebecca Sparrow and Emily-Jade O’Keefe. I was immediately struck by her passion for helping others and her relentless quest to rally support from corporates and individuals for so many charities.

Tara’s energy and huge heart are obvious to all who know her, and with her own family home inundated in the recent Qld Floods, and my own humble attempt to raise funds for Flood Relief coming up next month, it seemed to be the perfect time than to introduce you all to this truly inspirational woman!

A woman of incredible style with a huge social conscience, Tara – even in her own darkest hour – was tirelessly rallying support for her neighbours  while trying to pick up the pieces of her own family’s loss! Even just weeks after the flood she was still doing whatever she could to support her neighbours  and friends whose homes and businesses have been affected (not to mention supporting Fashion For Flood Relief in what ever way she could too!).

tara al & kymTara is a fund-raising, marketing and communications professional who is passionate about the community. She will be attending my Fashion For Flood Relief Fundraiser and will also be interviewed on the night, so if you’d like to meet and be inspired by this amazing woman, make sure you get your tickets soon and join us!

Now, here’s why I think Tara has such incredible style….

34 years young, and still claiming to be in the vicinity of “early thirties” Tara, like me, was born in the Royal Canberra Hospital (just a helluva lot later!). As they have since (literally) blown up the Canberra Hospital I figure Tara (Pisces) really must have made quite an impression upon arrival!

Tara calls herself a glass-half-full kind of a girl, a loyal friend, a sleep-deprived-but-blessed-mother, an amazing wife (!) a fixer (got called that the other day), a flood refugee, a poor philanthropist.  “My kids Harrison (4) and Mia (2) keep me busy and I drive my husband Joe crazy doing way too many things all at the same time.  I have Pepe the cat, who is not coping with our recent homelessness and subsequent move.  He is a moggy from the RSPCA and we love him to bits, except at 4am each morning.”

Tara says “I love my husband because he is kind, clever, funny, handsome and most importantly he lets me be me. But he does love it when I do ANY form of housework!”

On the topic of Style…

I disagree with Tara’s description of her signature style as “rushed” as she always looks wonderful to me! Mind you she does share a talent which I too have perfected – “precision rear-view-mirror make-up application skills!”. She says the colour she has most of in her wardrobe is “mud, the blackish-brownish-sludgey type.” Personally, I think that’s partly post-flood trauma Tara, mind you, this coming Autumn/Winter season all shades of camel, caramel (or mud!) are going to be HUGE so perhaps you are just well-ahead in the fashion-stakes there?

Tara says her style icon is without a doubt Sacha Drake – “an extremely talented Brisbane-based dress designer, working mother who is generous and kind.”  Tara’s most memorable style/fashion moment was when Sacha Drake recently invited her and some other flood affected women to her warehouse and personally dressed and gave them all many stunning dresses!

My favourite physical feature is : a smile – it can change the world you know!

My least favourite physical feature is : crankiness

My favourite personal features are : Random acts of kindness – let me tell you about a great blog….

My very own “secret” beauty or styling tip is : COFFEE, as early in the day as you possibly can, followed closely by spray in dry shampoo – amazing (thank to Bec Cassidy for introducing me!) (Editor’s note: Wait ’till I tell you a few other of MY insider’s tips! Baby Powder & Eye-shadow to name but a few!)

My wardrobe favourites are : My wedding shoes (although eight years on they are looking a bit worse for wear) followed closely by my Spencer & Rutherford Handbag…s and my gorgeous Sacha Drake dresses

Favourite store : Sacha Drake – sigh

I think what makes a person “truly stylish” is : Confidence, a kind heart and a big smile

A few really random facts:

Rugby or AFL or League? Tara says she’d be found “Taking a nap when any of these are on, or honestly I would sooner go looking for ET’s fishing show on telly”!

Black or white? Black

Royalist or republican? Republican

Beach or bush? Beach

Morning or night? Night

Winter or summer? Summer

Some other important things you may like to know…

Favourite restaurant : The Villager Hotel on George Street in Brisbane, Pandemonium Cafe in Paddington depending on the time of the day!

Favourite food : Salt and Pepper Squid from The Fishery at Baroona Road Shops, Milton – the best seafood, yum!

Favourite drink: A chilled Sauv Blanc (Marlborough)

What do you do for exercise/to stay (or get) fit? Chase around my children, although I do aspire to use my gym membership sometimes too.

When asked her opinion on Social Networking, Tara says she embraces them all! “I even have a fancy new Livescribe Pen which I haven’t worked out how to use yet.  For the Twitterers…follow me at either @SocialMoneySol or @Tara_Castle”

There are a couple of things that make me wonder whether Tara and I were twins in a past life (if you believe in that sort of thing!). Tara  loves people who are kind-hearted and honest, and like me, she also dislikes people who are self-centred and fake. When she leaves this earth she too wants to be remembered for being kind. She lists her biggest weakness as not being very good at saying “no” (and that’s one of my biggest ones too!). She says….

When I grow up I want to be : An artist

I am most afraid of : People who prey on children

My pet hate is : people who agree to do something and then don’t

I am truly passionate about : social responsibility and people getting involved with community

I want my children to : travel and experience the world; appreciate how lucky we are in Australia and know the greatness of giving

Mum/Dad always said/taught me : To always do my best

Something not many people would know about me is : I used to own a 1967 British Racing Green MGB

Soooo….can you see why I think Tara has such great style?! I may be a “stylist” but as you know,  for me the word ‘style’ embodies so much more than (in fact really has nothing to do with!) clothing choices or fashion faux pas (we all make those, don’t we?!).

In closing, Tara says “I think Alison’s next ‘Person of Great Style’ interview should be with Dominique Rizzo because I think she is always very stylish, generous, kind and one of the many amazing women I know!

Thanks for the referral Tara! I’ll see what I can do! Even if not my next interview (you just never know what I’m working on here!) I’ll certainly give your suggestion some thought and would love to meet Dominique in person too!

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