11 Great Wardrobe & Beauty Hacks

11 Great Wardrobe & Beauty Hacks

For over 12 years now, I’ve worked with countless men, women, school student, media personalities and companies, spreading my special brand of Styling from the inside out. They’ve all experienced an “up close and personal” encounter with me – whether it was for a wardrobe workout, shopping for a new one, styling an outfit for a special occasion, or learning corporate image management skills through my Style Counsel Workshops.

Well, now with the recent launch of my first eBook “The Little Book That’s BIG on Style” you too can get your hands on your very own Style Guide. It’s jam-packed full of my best tips and advice on top to toe styling. Everything from makeup to hair, to dress codes and fabric choices, to dressing for your body shape and everything in between.

And, to thank you all for your loyalty and support over the years – especially when my health declined and I was unable to maintain the pace as I used to – I’ve also put together a few bonus free gifts for you to enjoy. They’ll perfectly complement the material in the book and help you hone your own signature style to look and feel great from the inside out.

Here’s a new free fact sheet you might like…


I love a good hack. I love finding a quicker, easier way to do things. Call me lazy, or call me smart – I’ll take either as a compliment! Here’s 11 Wardrobe and Beauty Hacks to get the party started.  

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