50 Shades of Gorgeous Bargains!

50 Shades of Gorgeous Bargains!

I’ve read the books. All three. And, dare I admit it, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! And with all the recent hype over the movie (which I sadly didn’t get to see) all the talk of grey got me to thinking.  With grey Winter weather well on the way, and lots of us dying to get into our woollies and boots, I thought I’d share some wardrobe inspiration with shades of grey as the base.  Using two different cuts of jeans to create two different looks,  I also thought I’d share some recent bargain buys and why it pays to think outside the shopping-square…

The skinny jeans (pictured) were inspired by a message I received from Leanne on Facebook; My latest jeans and loafer success inspired the rest.

My jeans were getting saggy and I was feeling quite daggy

Hate jeans shopping? Rest assured, you’re not alone. I always struggle to find jeans to fit, but as I never fail to find jeans for my clients, I figure I should be able to do the same for myself, right?!  The thing is, we have to think outside the square and be open to trying on many different brands and sizings, not getting caught in a label rut and thinking we have to wear a particular brand to get our money’s worth.

So I have finally accepted the embarrassing fact that as a 40-something woman, if I’m going to have any success, I just have to resort to the children’s section. My previous Country Road jeans were kids, so I don’t know why I had continued to struggle and get more upset each time I tried on what I thought would be the smallest pair I could find in the adult’s section. Now I know some might say “Oh cry me a river” but you see we all have our own hang-ups about our body shape. And as I struggle with my weight/health every day, to resort to childrens wear is not something to be proud of, and certainly doesn’t make me feel smug. Trust me. As I teach my clients, forget about figures and concentrate on your figure. It’s just a number. If it upsets you, cut off the label. So it was about time I took my own advice,  and stopped fighting a losing battle. I had tried every other pair at H&M in the women’s dept, then hit the kids. The reward was sweet!


Jean’s Snob Leanne comes clean

Leanne had other issues with jeans. And as self-confessed jeans snob, she “channelled her inner Big Al” and guess what? She found the perfect fit for her at Target with Danni Minogue Petites:



And don’t forget eBay!

Something else I’d been struggling with, was finding a replacement for my old-faithfuls. My Country Road cream loafers which I swear are more than 10 years old. They’re still wearable, but I know they will have to go to shoe-heaven sooner or later, so I’ve been constantly trying to find their successors whenever I pass by a shoe store. With no success. And when you’re on a strict budget (believe me, I am) any of the ones I saw that I liked, I simply couldn’t “just nimble it”. No shoes are worth taking out a personal loan for. SO, off to eBay I went, and tadaaa! Success again!




What do you struggle with at the shops? Do you have any tips or favourite budget labels to share? Or wardrobe dilemmas that need a solution?  Visit me here below or ASK AL on my Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you!

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