6 Wardrobe Must-Haves

6 Wardrobe Must-Haves

Recently I wrote a post about the DIY Wardrobe Workout. In it I shared a very handy tool – the To Keep or Not to Keep – Worksheet. It’s a great little checklist to help you decide “if it should stay or it should go” which is an important part of getting your wardrobe sorted so you can start working towards finding your own style and creating a wardrobe that really works for you. If you missed that post – 7 Rules For Creating the Perfect Wardrobe, perhaps you should take a quick squiz before you read on…

For years I’ve been banging on about Capsule Wardrobes, teaching my clients what it is and how to get one. Not sure what I’m talking about? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The best way to describe it is this. Think about a capsule, or a pill. It’s small but very powerful and often can fix a number of ills, right? Well, a capsule wardrobe does the very same thing. It makes getting dressed and putting together an outfit every day SO much simpler, because you have an assortment of key items that always mix and match with ease.

Want to know more? Well today is your lucky day! I’ve put together another great factsheet for you to download – 6 Wardrobe Must Haves It will get you started on the road to simplifying your wardrobe, getting more bang for your buck and of course reaching the ultimate goal of endless classic personal style!

I hope you enjoy it! Email me here if you have any questions or want to purchase my eBook “The Little Book That’s Big on Style”. And remember, you can chat to me anytime on Facebook too 🙂

Wardrobe Must Haves

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