60 Image Breakers

60 Image Breakers

If Corporate Image tips are what you’re after, make sure you read this!

Feel free to add your own Image Breakers to this list. Anything that doesn’t leave a positive first impression is allowed here:
  1. Poorly-fitting clothes
  2. Bad breath
  3. Dark undies under light clothes
  4. Ladders in stockings
  5. Pants too short
  6. Untidy hair and OTT styles or colours
  7. Dragon-lady length nails & nail-art (decals)
  8. Full-body tattoos and piercings – you know, all over the face, neck and everywhere in between!
  9. Ultra-revealing or clingy clothes
  10. Uggh boots with shorts
  11. Open toed shoes (sandals/thongs) in winter/cold weather
  12. Over accessorising outfits
  13. Pets as fashion accessories
  14. Wrinkled clothes
  15. Inappropriately short skirts/shorts
  16. Too much cleavage
  17. Socks and sandals
  18. No make up at all at work (job dependent of course) or at formal occasions
  19. Too many patterns in one outfit
  20. Clothes in inappropriate fabrics for the occasion/climate
  21. Dressing too young or too old
  22. Anything way too short
  23. Stiff, shapeless clothes
  24. Poor fitting and inadequate underwear
  25. Tired, overworn or loved-to-death garments
  26. Badly pilled clothes
  27. Big belts worn under the boob-line in an effort to make your waist look smaller
  28. Unfeminine walking or sitting styles – sitting with legs apart
  29. Jerky, nervous, repetitive gestures (restless legs; fiddling with hair)
  30. Bleeding lipstick
  31. Choosing quantity over quality
  32. Clothes tucked in at the waistline if you are high waisted or large-breasted
  33. VPL’s (Visible Panty Lines)
  34. Chipped nail polish or unkempt hands and nails
  35. Chain-smoking
  36. Lipstick on teeth
  37. Overpowering perfume
  38. Dirty hair or fingernails
  39. Camel toe
  40. Strange-coloured contact lenses
  41. Dirty or scuffed shoes
  42. See-through or gaping clothes
  43. Too much or out-dated makeup
  44. Toe-reinforced hosiery with peephole shoes
  45. Clothes that are too big or too small
  46. Bad body odour
  47. Ultra-large shoulder pads
  48. Talking with your mouth full
  49. Visible G-strings on ANY bottom!
  50. Dark lip-liner showing through or around lipstick
  51. Fingernails bitten to the quick
  52. Biting fingernails in public
  53. Picking your nose in public
  54. Wearing inappropriately sexy clothes (think clubbing style) to a funeral or formal occasions.
  55. Wearing tops with obvious stains
  56. Wearing tops with obvious yellowing under the arms
  57. Dirty shirt collars
  58. Hems coming undone/fraying
  59. Greasy hair
  60. Speaking loudly on mobile phones in quiet waiting rooms/public places

For those of you wondering what on earth a camel toe is…hopefully the image below will explain the term well, without too much description (or mental scarring) required 😉



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