They say “you can tell so much about a person by the company they keep”. Well, I don’t know how much weight that statement actually holds, but I do know that Style Counsel still exists today (18 years since the very first Go Girls! Workshop) because of the love and support I’ve received since it’s inception. Not to mention the people who continue to support and work with me, believing in me as a person, and the general philosophy behind Style Counsel.

Some (not all are mentioned here) of the people and businesses listed below have been pivotal to the growth and success of Style Counsel.  Some were there in the early days – before, during and after Style Counsel was born. Others are supporters and collaborators; some are colleagues and friends who have helped me continue to believe in and pursue the work that I continue to do…

Just a few of the truly stylish people, businesses and websites personally recommended by Style Counsel: