“Alison is amazing. While her focus was about helping me to create a new style, the truth is she is about so much more. She has provided such constant support over the years always available for advice, always supportive and always ready to share every tip she knows. Aside from gaining an amazing style that my friends and colleagues still comment on, she has built up my self- esteem and confidence. The way Alison works gives you the tools to take away and apply for years to come; it’s not a once off experience. I think of Alison every time I get dressed or go shopping. I try things that once I would never have dreamt of doing and always look fantastic. Alison changed my life, allowed me to shine…a small investment for lifelong personal power.” March 22 2009 Nan Hilton hired Alison as a Personal Stylist in 2006 (and hired her more than once).

Alison has an innate sense of what style will bring the best out in people contributing greatly to self confidence which in these times could be the difference between being employed or not. Her knowledge of style, which is not necessarily determined by fashion alone, is extensive and she has the ability to visualize where we mere mortals cannot. Using a personal stylist may seem an extravagance but will ultimately save you money and time, which always seems to be in short supply. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone considering hiring a personal stylist. Her charm, generosity of spirit and integrity will make any encounter not only fruitful but very enjoyable. I have enjoyed the journey on more than one occasion.” Vicki Jansen hired Alison Triffett as a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant – Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once).

Alison builds your confidence from the inside out. She understands what you are like as a person and helps you build a style and wardrobe that best fits with you as an individual. She has a wonderful personal approach, makes you feel at ease straight away and by the time she’s finished you’re feeling a million dollars. Two years on and I’m still looking and feeling fantastic. One investment session with Alison has saved me literally thousands of dollars on wasted shopping trips that lead to a wardrobe filled with unworn clothes. I now have the tools to shop smarter and as a result have a terrific wardrobe from which to choose from every day. I highly recommend Alison to anyone who wants to get endless compliments from not only friends and family, but from complete strangers too!Kathy Park hired Alison Triffett as a Personal Stylist – Year first hired: 2007

“Hi Al. Following our marathon shopping effort this week, I wanted to let you know that I’m just elated with all my purchases. I got home on Monday night thinking that I’d try everything on again on my own, figuring that I had probably bought a few items in haste. However, I absolutely loved everything, so it’s all now hanging in my wardrobe! I’m also really happy that there are a couple of pieces that I can wear to work during winter (vests etc), so thanks for thinking ahead to next season. My better half is also thrilled that my wardrobe has a lot less black in it than it used to – he’s a big fan of yours! Anyway, I couldn’t be happier with my new clothes and accessories, so thank you so much for all your help. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had shopping! Will definitely be doing this again on at least an annual basis.” Cheers, Tanya Angus.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Alison. She is not generic in her approach. She listens to her client to understand their needs and their personality and makes recommendations based on the best approach for the individual. They are realistic, simple to execute and exceed expectations.”  Dominique Layt hired Alison as a Stylist in 2008

Alison is just wonderful to work with – she’s fun, caring, and knowledgeable and goes the extra mile! I attended one of her style seminars in 2007, and then later organised a style consultation and report. The style consultation was lots of fun and I came away with lots of creative ideas and useful, specific information to help me upgrade my wardrobe. The end result is I now have a much better idea of how style works and I find it much easier to put together outfits. I feel better about how I look and I’m saving money on my clothes shopping because I now know what looks good on me and what definitely does not and should stay on the rack! Alison is an expert in her field, she has great attention to detail, and she continued to stay in touch with me after our consultation which was really appreciated while I learnt to stand on my own two “style feet” :)” Harmony Steel hired Alison as a Personal Stylist in 2007

 And from the boys….

“My family and I moved from Far North Queensland to Brisbane. As you can imagine our casual clothes did not fit our new lifestyle. My wife had been shopping with Alison and encouraged me to go. I was skeptical at first but I stand corrected. After some discussion with Alison we decided that I needed some casual wear, business/work wear and some outfits that I could use to go out in the evening. As Alison had a clear idea of what I needed she visited several shops and had all the clothes she thought would suit set aside and a plan to visit the shops in order. When shopping on my own I either buy the first shirt I quite like without trying it on (get it home and it doesn’t fit) or get frustrated because I can’t find anything to fit or looks good. We tried on a lot of clothes and only settled for something that looked good. She encouraged me to try different things (without being too out there) and didn’t let me settle for anything that looked mediocre. I came away feeling much more positive about the way I looked. At this point I should mention that Alison saved me a bucket load of money – she had all the details of what was on special,clothes that were discounted and when I should wait to buy in upcoming sales. All in all a great experience and if I need to renew any part of my wardrobe Alison will be my first contact.” Dr Reiner Dressler – Brisbane City.

“As a male, I found Alison to be confident, understanding and to the point. She knows what she’s talking about and doesn’t make you shop for days on end to get the final result. Alison was able to do a complete overhaul of my entire wardrobe in 5 hours because she had spent 2 days prior to our appointment getting everything organised and picking out things she thought I would like. As a businessman, I don’t not have a lot of free time and that’s why I find Alison’s service so fantastic.

Not only have I received help from Alison for my own personal style but Alison also organised uniforms for my 29 staff members, male and female – and all 29 were very impressed with the uniforms that she chose. She also conducted a training seminar for staff during our Firm Advance and I was very impressed with her ability to engage the audience and impart her knowledge.

I have no problem recommending Alison and will continue using her services in the future. Thank you Alison for all your help in the past and look forward to working with you again.” Darryl Iseppi – Iseppi & Co Taxation & Business Advisors