Welcome to my new blog feature – ASK AL. This is where I’ll answer your “How to” questions on makeup, hair and styling or wearing anything from the latest trends to updating your favourite classics. Send me photos, ask my opinion, ask those questions – on anything style related. That’s what I’m here for!

To launch ASK AL here’s some inspiration and examples of how I’ll be tackling your toughest questions:






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  1. […] With all of the latest trends, it’s a good idea to look at the sell-job on the runways of  fashion week and in the fashion media.  Then cast your mind back to how that trend looked looked way back. Way back when you may have embraced it with wild abandon as a teenager. Is today’s updated version better? (I sure hope so!). Even still, if you did that look back then, ask yourself if you still have the body/personality/budget/circumstances to stylishly and confidently carry it off  THIS time round. If your answer has even a hint of hesitation, please rethink your revisitation of the latest fads trends must-haves fashions. Or simply ASK AL ! […]

  2. Hi Al
    Everywhere I look it’s skinny jeans!!! I’m size 14 sometimes 16 (depends on where I shop) and I don’t know if women my size should be wearing skinny jeans. Can we wear them and do we need to have a certain length blouse to carry the look? What other style guidance can you provide on curvy women and jeans? Can you please provide some advice on the minefield that is skinny jeans? Thanks Al – love your work!!!

    • Hi Lyndal,
      I hear you! In fact I’ve had that question asked of me by clients for years. There is no “one size fits all” answer without seeing your body shape (did you see the post about working out your body shape? More on that soon) BUT I can tell you this…

      YES! Yes you can wear skinny jeans. And YES! You do need to pay particular attention to what you wear on the top to balance your proportions. There’s also the length of the jeans to consider; the type of shoes; whether you show ankles/don’t; Heels or flats…the list goes on.

      If you’re game, send me photo (full length) and I’ll give you some personalised advice/write a blog about it – just for you! If you’re not keen on showing your face, I promise I can/will chop off your head and change your name etc to ensure anonymity/privacy. What do you think?

      Big Al xx

  3. Hi Al,
    I’m assuming you will also give advice for hair! I’m 42 and have found my hair is thinning a lot lately (over the past year or so). I would say I have half the hair I had at 20. I have always worn my hair long or medium length. Thankfully it has a bit of wave/curl that helps to hide my scalp which is now much more visible. Do you have any advice for me regarding style and colour as I continue to age and perhaps lose more hair? It’s most likely genetic, so not much I can do regarding the loss etc.

    • Hi Rachael,
      It’s hard for me to advise sight-unseen. If you want to send me a pic (privately) I can hopefully give you some pointers? I’d need to see if it’s one length, layered, colour etc before I comment, but happy to give you an opinion!
      Big Al 🙂

      • Thanks heaps…I’ll definitely check it out. I’ve probably not spent as much time on my hair as I should and know that I would look a lot better if I did! I’ll also talk to a hairdresser to get advice on style and colour etc to minimize the impact of my thinning.

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