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Is Your Hair and Makeup Aging You?

Is Your Hair and Makeup Aging You?

Heavy makeup, too-long hair and outdated hairstyles can do wonders – if you want to ADD 10 or more years to your age!  The heavier the makeup, the older you look. The good news is, the opposite also applies to take 10 years off! One day, when I pluck up the courage, I’m going to… Continue Reading

Minimal Style with Maximum Manicures & Scary Hairy Trends

At this year’s SAG Awards, Kym Kardashian has at least forgone her signature look of way-too-much-makeup and way-too-many-false-lashes BUT! Here’s what this Personal Stylist would’ve done differently…In keeping with my signature styling mantra “Less is more – take one thing off as you walk out the door” AND… “Keep it simple; Keep it clean; Keep… Continue Reading

My Style. Your Style. So What’s Your Flavour?

I often talk about “what I know for sure”, and what I know for sure is this… Most people know what they don’t like, but they don’t necessarily know what they DO like! That’s why we all criticize, judge, complain etc with ease, and why it seems almost rare to hear people praise, compliment, recommend… Continue Reading

Some have it. Some don’t. Everyone can get some. What is it?

  What do you think I’m talking about here?! No, not sex! Get your mind above the waist please! I’m talking about CLASS. These  girls have it: Jana Wendt. Amanda Seyfried. Jennifer Aniston. Sarah Murdoch. Megan Gale.  Mandy Moore. These girls don’t: Lady Gaga. Lindsay Lohan. Amy Winehouse. Paris Hilton. Brittany Spears. Why?  Oh where… Continue Reading

Sex And The City II. A Shoe-In?

Opinions are like bottoms – everyone has one! And if the recent reviews about the much anticipated SATC2 are any indication, this movie is one that has clearly divided opinions (or “split cheeks”)!  Here’s mine – for what it’s worth… Choosing to ignore all of the negative opening reviews, on Friday night I totted off… Continue Reading

Tread Carefully Through Fashion Fads…

Flicking through a recent copy of a popular fashion mag I was flabbergasted to see a combo being sold to us as “Left Bank Cool” (the outfit in question is not the one pictured. This was just another example of a trend combo gone wrong). They were implying that if we buy these  pieces we too… Continue Reading

What’s Your Style When You’re Not Feeling Well?

I love my sleep, don’t you?  But when we don’t get enough of it it’s really no fun. And it seems the more you think about the sleep you’re not getting, the less you get! Lucky for my loved ones I’m not a cranky-pants when I haven’t caught enough zz’s! Case in point – my recent trip to… Continue Reading

“Love Your Body” – it’s the only one you’ve got!

This Tuesday (20th April) I will be guest-speaker at the YWCA’s “Love Your Body” event. And I am very humbled to hear that this has been sold-out for quite a few weeks now!  Who’d have thought that this little “Big Al” could attract such a crowd?! Oh, OK…so it might not be little ol’ me… Continue Reading

Style Profiling – me first, then you.

We’ve all received these types of emails at one time or another, and whether you choose to “play” or not they really are good tools for getting to know people better. I use a similar tool (but more professional/Style-targeted) for every single Client I work with. Without that part of the process, I wouldn’t have… Continue Reading