Corporate Image seminars and presentations are designed after consultation with you to suit your company’s specific requirements.

Alison presents her fun & informative Corporate workshops to small or large groups; In the boardroom, or at conferences.

Standard workshop topics include:

Corporate Style & First impressions – Basically this is all about your Personal Brand. Includes pointers on Body Language, What Not To Wear Where, Image Makers & Breakers and everything in between.

Building a Classic Capsule (Corporate) Wardrobe – If you have the right key-basics, your wardrobe will always work better for you and getting dressed for work each day becomes fool-proof and always stylishly appropriate.

Corporate Courtesies & Business Etiquette – Be more confident in all of your business dealings – personal, phone, email or text!

Etiquette for Business Dining & Formal Occasions – Brush up on your formal/business dining skills. Never take for granted that you know it all. There’s more to it than you might think, and these skills can always be taken from the corporate luncheon to any formal/personal occasion.

The “Make-Down” – Appropriate Business Makeup There’s make up, and there’s made-up. What is considered appropriate in your everyday life is very different in the corporate world. The tips shared here will change how you look at makeup forever!

Workshops can also be customised to suit (fee negotiated upon request). This includes preparation, facilitation, worksheets/notes/e-books and follow-up access via email for a limited time. On-site AV facilities required.