Style Counsel can give you an honest appraisal of how your decor and staff make your clients feel – along with recommendations of simple ways to improve the first impressions of your workspace!

I can help you formulate a story – the first impressions story that you/your workplace is projecting.  Let me give you an honest overall appraisal of your workplace and advise you on ways to “style” your environment.

A fresh set of eyes – that have been trained to identify style – is often all it takes for you to see your workplace as others may be seeing it. In retail it’s called being “store blind”. As you work in the environment every day, you may think the store looks drab or boring, yet a customer may come in and think “wow”!  Conversely, you may think the environment is fine, yet customers/clients are formulating a different opinion within the first three seconds of entering.

I can help you create an environment that creates the ideal first impression, with advice and tips on how to attract your customer/clients and make them feel welcome and at ease through everything from the general decor, design ideas, to the way your staff approach your clients.

With first-class stylish contacts in a number of areas from Interior Design to furniture to textiles and soft furnishings, Style Counsel can get your workplace working for you – not against you! Because first impressions really DO count!