Fashion For Flood Relief Debrief

Fashion For Flood Relief Debrief


After two months of not being able to see my dining table – let alone walk into my dining room – my house is now beginning look like a home again! I still cannot park my car in the garage but that’s no biggie. To say I am over wire coat-hangers, collapsing mobi-robes, garbage bags, cellophane paper, laminating, dragging bags in & out, hanging, sorting, and trying to come up with something that resembles a presentable and navigable “shop” is an understatement. But am I elated at the wonderful result and the support the event received; all the stress was so worth it in the end –  so many bagged a serious bargain (or multiples of same) and overall, it really surpassed my expectations in terms of dollars raised to help flood-affected families.

I will of course formally list thank-you’s to all sponsors and helpers on the Fashion For Flood Relief website along with a final tally of how much was raised on the night. This blog is just my way of personally thanking all of those without who’s personal efforts/help Fashion For Flood Relief would simply not have happened and without whom I would surely not be standing today! More photos will also be posted on the website over coming weeks, so be sure to check in for those…

Some personal thank you’s (many more to follow)…

Thank you to ALL who sponsored, donated prizes, auction items, attended and donated clothing for sale – I cannot name you all as many of you I do not personally know –  but I hope you get to read this and know how much you helped to make this event such a success.  To all the lovely anonymous donators, if you get a chance, perhaps you can leave a comment on this blog so I can reply/thank you in person? For now, the best way I know of to say thanks to ALL is with a few preliminary pics and mentions below…

To Kym O’Gorman who (with a young baby!) managed to find time and (sleep deprived energy) to design the Fashion For Flood Relief website; she  also  handled most of the ticketing and administration, contacted many sponsors and donors (and is still handling most of the administration), picked up and delivered bags to my home, and was event-manager extraordinaire on the night making sure it all came together when I was busy “doing other things”. To Beverly (Kym’s gorgeous mum) who manned the til ALL night and never even managed to get upstairs to watch any of the celeb interviews and relax/enjoy herself!

To my dear friends…Chris, Judy, Marg, Di who held-together a weak/stressed Big Al in the days prior to the event, helping sort, hang, size/colour-code clothes, wrap raffle prizes & ticket auction items, price individual items all in between rescuing falling robes and purchasing more mobi-robes and various other necessities.  To Michelle for not only donating so many quality items, but for attending the event, not to mention filling her car with bags of items  to be  donated  back to charities as we culled (despite feeling very unwell while undergoing chemo).

To my husband Shane and son Corey who helped deliver and return over 15 racks, staging, and bags of clothing & accessories – carting it all up and down three flights stairs more times than anyone should have ever have had to. Thanks also to Pat for helping us get all the gear back onto a truck the next day! To my son Corey for also being photographer on the night and helping me sort left-over items for donation to charities after the event.

To Christine (Nine) for knowing how much needs to be done in the lead up to an event and loaning me your lovely assistant Michelle to help me set up, deliver auction items and everything in between. To my daughter Elle & (client) Georgie who helped me set-up in record time on the day; to Elle & Hamilton (& Steph) for selling raffle tickets; to Elle & Hamilton for helping set up the shop, hanging clothes and setting up the registration desk (thanks Lizzy & Di too);  to Tara for mucking in and helping sell more tickets when the need arose and also spreading the word & securing more prize sponsors along the way;  to Di for manning the Auction room and everything in between (staying with me until midnight the night before with Judy to make sure all was completed and I actually could go to bed; not to mention driving me in early the next morning – and personally arranging those gorgeous flowers – such a surprise!)

To Emily Jade O’Keefe: I’ve said it before, and I won’t stop saying it. You really are the real deal! Thank you for your ongoing support of Style Counsel. You have such a huge heart. You are always so kind and generous with your time and support of me/Style Counsel. You let me debrief/cry at a time when I had all but given up faith that I would be able to personally/physically get through these last few weeks. You will never know how embarrassed I am for my little meltdown, but also how much you helped me, and how much lighter I felt the next day having shared what I did with someone who gave me a shoulder and more importantly a gentle, understanding ear!

To Heather Foord & Melissa Downes: Such women of great style! All the guests loved hearing your stories, saying how nice it was to catch a glimpse of the women behind the polished, public persona of evening News. You’ve been in our living rooms for  years but on Wednesday night you confirmed what your special “something” is.  You both have that “it” factor that puts you on  our screens each night – and are both incredibly intelligent, professional, articulate, beautiful, polished, and stylish. But what makes you both Style Counsel “women of great style” is your willingness to share with my audience on Wednesday night just how much of the “real deal” you both are…

Heather, you had us in stitches with your recollection of the Logies night when you almost did a “Jen Hawkins” in your gorgeous Daniel Lightfoot couture gown! Don’t forget you have many more stories to share with Style Counsel as you’re my next Person Of Great Style Interview – I will chat to you more about that over the coming weeks.

Melissa, so many people said to me they couldn’t get over your natural beauty. I replied with “I know. She’s angelic!” But it’s not just because of your physical beauty (although that’s obvious). What makes you really shine is a gentleness, warmth and a compassion that is almost palpable. You are authentic, and it shows to all who meet you…

Now…some more pics to share with you all…

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  1. You did an amazing job Al. I am in awe. I wish I could have helped you more, but I can see you had a team of people who were taking care of you. You are an amazing woman and I hope you are taking some time out to look after you now. xx

  2. Don’t be in awe – just be happy that you will soon have your good ol’ BIG AL back to normal (what ever that is!). You DID help! You donated. You attended. You retweeted. You supported. We have day jobs and life/timing doesn’t always allow us to help out as we’d like to/intend to. I will try to take some time out soon when all is delivered/re-donated/returned/reconciled etc. I just hope all of you who attended the event had a good time on the night and want you all to know how grateful we are for the support in all its ways/shapes/forms! xx

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