A Total Stranger Made My Day

A Total Stranger Made My Day

It’s quite fascinating, isn’t it? How we struggle to openly share a story that made us feel great? Because we worry people may think we’re up ourselves – or worse – find it hard to believe? And why is that? Because it’s so rare that people actually share the good stuff. The positive stuff. The compliments. Seems we’re far more comfortable having a rant about a rude comment, negative interaction or irritating comment. We’re good at feeling “outraged” and getting others on board to support our feelings. But we’re not so good at telling random strangers how pretty the are, how good their service is, or how good they made our experience. Let me explain…

Yesterday, I was in the Chemist Warehouse, wandering through the aisles, waiting for a script. An employee approached me saying, “I’m sorry…I hope I don’t make you feel too uncomfortable saying this…” She then showed her ring finger and said “I’m a married woman and all – so don’t get me wrong – it’s just that you really are very beautiful. You’re very lucky”. I was very pleasantly gob-smacked and surprised. I said “Oh, wow! Thank you! How sweet of you! I don’t feel it/see it, but what a lovely thing to say! You’ve just made my day!” I went on to play with testers of lipsticks and makeup when I heard a voice call out “You don’t need it! Seriously!” I looked up and there she was again! In that very moment, because of her kindness, I actually felt like perhaps I didn’t need it either.

But then…I actually debated whether I should share this story…

Because of the reaction I got from my husband! What I’m getting at here isn’t so much about what this lovely lady said to me. It’s more about how much I struggled with sharing this happy story with YOU! Why? Because his immediate reaction to my story was – and I quote – “Oh God. Make sure you don’t tell that to anyone! They’ll just think you’ve got a big head!”

Now I ask you. If this woman had been rude; if she’d shoved me out of the way and not said sorry or excuse me; if she’d taken my car park; if she’d done or said something negative and I’d shared my story with my hubby, I’m sure he’d say to our friends next time we got together, “Hey, Al…tell ‘em that story about that bitch at the chemist the other day!” Why? Because it might incite outrage? Or it might provide a juicy, meaty story. A laugh perhaps? But tell someone something positive – something that made you actually glow with happiness or pride for hours after – and they may think you just have a big head!

“If you think something nice about someone – whether you know them or not – TELL THEM!”

I’ve long been a believer in this – it’s a philosophy that I’ve shared with all my clients at every opportunity.  I can’t tell you how good it makes not only the giver but also the receiver of a genuine compliment. They/you will be walking on air for the rest of the day. You know yourself how good it feels to be the receiver, so how can you feel bad or embarrassed plucking up the courage to share that compliment with a total stranger? And let me assure you…the receiver will be not only smiling inside and out, but your compliment could also just be the thing that makes that person NOT give up.  NOT feel hopeless. NOT feel inadequate. NOT feel useless. NOT feel ugly. NOT feel like they don’t make a difference in their job. NOT feel like everyone is out to get them or complain about their service. Your comment could just be the thing that gives them a reason to keep on fighting. To keep on doing what they’re doing. To keep on believing that they’re on the right track.

So!  How about we all set ourselves a daily challenge to seek out the positive in the people we come in contact with. It might be a passerby, a shop assistant, waiter, car park attendant, someone at your gym or in the lift at work or in your apartment complex. Whoever it is, let’s look for something positive about them or that encounter and TELL them! I guarantee you’ll not only make their day, but you will feel pretty damn good too. Let’s start a compliment revolution! Pass it on/share it/live it/do it! Because…

“The best way to make yourself feel good is to make someone else feel even better!” Alison Triffett







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  1. Beautifully said. I will make more of an effort to not let an opportunity pass by to compliment/encourage someone deserving even if it’s simply saying you look lovely or you handled that well. ?

  2. Yesterday I asked my hairdresser to cut 1 1/2cm off my very straight concave bob. I failed to comment before I left so texted her later to say ‘Great length’. She replied ‘Awesome’. Her one word response made me smile.

  3. What a fantastic way to live your life! We all get too hung up on day to day stuff, sometimes a compliment can put a real smile on your face for the rest of the day. You ARE beautiful, Alison, inside and out!

    • Hi Robyn, What a beautiful compliment you just paid ME! I reckon the fact that you took the time to share your thoughts with me here makes you totally stylish and beautiful inside and out TOO! Thank you so much 🙂 xx

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