How To Get Big Hair – Tutorial

How To Get Big Hair – Tutorial

Have you got fine, limp hair? Do you long for thick, flowing locks? Do you look enviously at other women’s horse-tail like ponytails? I know I DO!

Thing is, people often compliment me on mine – even ask me how I do it – because they THINK I’ve got super-thick hair. HA! Have I got ’em all fooled or what? I’ve actually got mousey, thin, wispy hair, which in recent years due to over-processing has actually gotten thinner and without tlc looks just plain “blah”!

But never one to give up, I’ve fought back against my wispy lifeless locks. I’ve worked out all the hacks and tricks I can to make my hair look thicker and healthier. Because, as they say, (apparently) “the higher the hair the closer to God” (or something like that!).

And I’ve finally plucked up the courage to put it all into my very Video Tutorial for you – you lucky things!

I’ll be producing more of these How To Tutorials (now that I’ve gotten over the fear of doing one in the first place!) and hopefully as I go, I’ll get better at it. So make sure you subscribe or check in regularly so you don’t miss out on the next riveting addition my Youtube Channel!

But for now, sit back relax and watch how it’s done! See how Big Al gets her Big hair! 🙂

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  1. love it! I have similar hair but am way too lazy to go to all that effort. Just as I like to watch short exercise videos I shall vicariously enjoy the big hair. Thanks 🙂

    • Hahahah…you gave me a chuckle. Thank you! I too understand what it’s like to “enjoy watching” but not necessarily “doing” – especially when it comes to exercise videos! But please trust me when I say it doesn’t take long to put the rollers in. And only when you wash your hair too. The key is teasing after that. Practice makes perfect…looks harder than it really is! 🙂 Thanks for watching and commenting…Big Al xx

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