How To Style a Coffee Table

How To Style a Coffee Table

Your coffee table is the perfect space which allows you to display items that mean something to you and showcase your personal style. How do you strike a balance between interesting/overcrowded and bland/boring?

For everyday, you need to leave enough clear space for coffee cups or glass of wine but with the use of trays you can also easily convert the table to a low dining table for a casual Netflix night in!

Five Key Elements

  1. A tray (or trays)
  2. Coffee table books
  3. Greenery or a floral arrangement
  4. Decorative bowls or boxes
  5. Glass (like a candle or clear vase)

Five Key Tips

  1. Size does matter!

The key is to arrange in various grouping sizes and textures. Make sure the items are to scale. If you have three large coffee table books paired with a tiny scented candle it will look out of proportion. Keep floral arrangements or plants low enough so they don’t obstruct your view of people opposite – or the TV!

2. Give your remote a home

Never lose those darned remotes again. Give them their own dedicated place in a pretty dish or tray.

3. Think outside the square

Coffee tables aren’t always “tables” as the name might imply. Try a large (or small, depending on the size of your space) ottoman that easily doubles as a foot-stool or extra seating. Use a large tray in the centre or a few smaller trays to display items and keep them level/safe.

4. Don’t be afraid to layer

Coffee table books are a great feature but they can also take up valuable space. Try layering some of your special items on top. If you have plenty of room, try opening a book at a key page that means something to you, or has key colours you’d like to feature.

5. Pick a Colour

Always keep in mind the Style Counsel rule for styling with colour. If your overall base colour palette is neutral you will always have the luxury of being able to play with a feature colour if and when the whim takes you! Seasonally, you can change the whole look of your space with the addition of a few books covered in the colour of your choice, a change of floral arrangements or cushions and throws.

And finally, remember, this is personal!

You need to know who you are what you like. Sure, we all get inspiration from many different people and places (Instagram, shops, catalogues, shops, magazines, friends etc etc) but the key to making it all work is when it truly reflects your personality. Display books that you actually would pick up and read. Display plants or flowers that actually love; candles that you will actually light…you get my drift?!

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