How To Style With Colour

How To Style With Colour

Did you know, one of the simplest ways to style your home (or your body) is with the clever use of colour? I’m not talking about “getting your colours done”, I’m talking about choosing a colour and knowing how to incorporate it cleverly so that you can refresh or reinvent an existing space or outfit. It’s really easy, once you know how to use colour as an accessory…

There are a few basic rules to styling with colour. First, you have to pick a style and own it. By keeping the bulk of your outfit or interior in soft, neutral tones, you can quickly and easily transform the look with a subtle injection of colour.

For your home, work out what style makes you “feel at home”. For your body, pick a style that suits your personality. Then pick an accent colour or theme. Perhaps it’s a colour you’ve always loved, or maybe it’s the latest seasonal trend colour? Whichever it is, the next step is to repeat it. Twice (on your body), and many more times in your home.

It’s so easy from there to freshen up your look by changing the tones seasonally (or as often as you can afford). Simply changing the colour of your shoes or scarf will update a basically neutral outfit. Changing from yellow cushions, vases and throws to pink will transform your whole room. It really is as simple as that!

To give you a helping hand, I’ve put together this clever little Styling With Colour Infographic

Styling With Colour Infographic

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