Perfect Plane Outfits

Perfect Plane Outfits


This post was inspired by my lovely friend Sally who has a very good reason for wanting to know more about THE perfect outfit for the plane, given how much time she spends travelling, sharing local insights to help you plan your perfect escape! She’s just launched a wonderful new website which is an irresistible collection of luxury escapes where you can compare, dream & book your next holiday with a handpicked collection of luxury holiday house rentals & boutique hotels across Australia.  and instant confirmation makes booking easy.

Everyone wants to pack light with a range of items that will take them from breakfast to shopping to the pool-side cocktails to dinner or the theatre.  Of course there is never going to be a one-size fits-all formula. So much depends on how long you’ll be away, where you’re going, what you’ll be doing etc etc. But one thing I do know for sure is that your onboard outfit should be thought through carefully taking into account the possibility of a surprise upgrade to business-class, ever-changing on-board temperature fluctuations, comfort,  your stop-over destination, and the climate upon arrival. The answer? Layering is key!

Layering Tips

  • For tops, choose different necklines, such as a v-neck over a round or scooped neckline or two different scooped necklines.
  • Try shirts with different height collars or a fine-knit cardi or jumper over a collared shirt.
  • Choose different  hemlines, such as a short top over long to give you two colour-way options.
  • Cover a tank top with a long open shirt.
  • Wear a longer-line floaty top under a cropped jacket.
  • Cover a tank top with a jumper that has an oversized neckline. Wear the over-sized neckline off your shoulder.
  • Cover a vest with a blazer; A long-line cardigan with a belt worn under and a shorter coat. A fine-knit henley or hoodie under a cropped jacket.
  • Wear a collared shirt under a sleeveless dress; or a 3/4 sleeve tee under a shift dress
  • Try a tank over a tee or over 3/4 sleeve top.
  • Layer a long-line tank under a shorter dress to add extra length and hemline definition.

Below are a few more examples of how layering works. The first shows you how just a few key stretchy pieces can be layered for comfort and warmth on the plane. Then, with just a change of shoes and jacket upon arrival, you are set for a casual dinner or an informal meeting. The second gives you some inspiration with comfy cargos. Bon Voyage ladies!

The next image below shows you how you can co-ordinate comfy cargos to look oh-so-stylish…

4 Responses to Perfect Plane Outfits

  1. LOVE IT! This should be mandatory reading for anyone on an international Qantas flight. Given what I observed on our recent flights perhaps there should even be fashion police at the gate!
    My personal tips – always pack a pashmina (doubles as a sarong, scarf, wrap, privacy screen etc) and ALWAYS have some spare underwear & cosmetic necessities in your carry-on in case your luggage doesn’t make it to your destination when you do. Luckily this has only happened to me once (amazing). Socks for onboard are also good for long flights.
    I aim for a mix of comfort and style, and love the layering tip. Soft fabrics that don’t crease for the top layer and natural fabrics closer to the skin work well.
    More tips on packing next please….

  2. Thanks Birnita. There will be other posts to follow this, I assure you. This one was more about nailing an outfit/a look that you can travel in, be comfy, layer and of course look stylish. Not being a frequent flyer (I wish!) I by no means profess to have all the tips for packing well, but what I do have I promise I will share! You may have noticed a strong feature of all of my outfit examples was indeed the scarf (pashmina etc). I am a true frog, and wouldn’t cope without the extra warmth and versatility of one of these little gems – even just stashed in my handbag to go grocery-shopping, let alone travelling!

    Thanks for your tips – muchos appreciated!! xx

  3. Thanks Alison, our style savvy travellers will love these tips as much as I do. My current perfect plane outfit is all black, so I look forward to introducing some neutrals and colours!

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