Secrets to Online ShoppingWhen I used to offer personal shopping with clients I would spend many hours pre-shopping, both online and in-store, to ensure that the items I chose were in the right size, style and price range. This eliminated  extra legwork and browsing during our shopping session. Now, with online shopping, I offer the same pre-shopping, but I send you the list of specific items, with links, via email. You can shop online or in store – or a combination of both – all at your leisure. This way you get the right range of items, at the right price – to suit just YOU!

How Does It Work?

Online Personal Shopping - The 5 Steps

After detailed client profiling (and often in conjunction with Skype Styling, or Personal Styling) I source the best items for you online. You can then click each link and order the item online (at any time of the day or night, even in your PJs – stylish PJs of course) or visit the store in person to try on the selection. You can order all, some or none – the choice is yours.

Many of my clients have ordered all of the items, then arrange a Skype Styling session to decide what to keep or return. Others buy a support package and go into the stores and MMS my with pics in their outfits – for a thumbs up or thumbs down.

How Many Options?

With a huge range of local and international retailers, the options are endless. And you can choose to have as little or as much of my assistance as you require. The more you keep in touch the better, as it allows me to really get a feel for your preferences and concerns and to continue looking for the perfect items.

How Long Does It Take?

At the outset we determine your objectives, timelines and budget. The process depends on the scope of your needs but a minimum of 2 hours will have your wardrobe filled with many lovely pieces and your eyes opened to a whole new style chosen just for you by your own Personal Stylist!