Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review

I am one lucky girl. The lovely guys over at Smile Brilliant asked me to road-test/review their product, and being one who’s always wanted to try professional teeth whitening, of course I jumped at the opportunity!

I’ve always had nice enough teeth, but they certainly didn’t fit into the category of the gleaming bright Hollywood smile.  I swear I’ve tried almost every brand of whitening toothpaste on the market and haven’t seen one bit of difference. I’d always thought “one day, I’ll get my teeth professionally whitened” but that’s as far as that fantasy went and will ever go, because I have now discovered there’s a dentist-quality product out there that is actually affordable – and most importantly, works!  

So…while my teeth were kinda OK to begin with, they certainly were not going to light up a room or blind anyone with their whiteness (as you can see here in my before shot…


Within about a week and a half, my Smile Brilliant kit arrived in the mail. Remember, they come from the US, so you have to allow for postage, but I was very impressed with the speed/turnaround time.2016-01-04_11-11-01


Inside the kit was everything I needed to create exact moulds for the whitening trays. It honestly took less than 5 minutes to create the impressions. Then I just popped them back in the included padded post bags and awaited the arrival of my trays and whitening solutions.


Within a couple of weeks, I had my perfectly fitting custom-made trays and did my first application.

2014-07-29_14-35-06I have quite sensitive teeth, so luckily the kits come with a desensitizing gel which you put in your trays and leave on for 20 mins before whitening. On my first whitening application, I did notice immediate results. I didn’t do it for very long though, so the next session I thought I’d try a bit longer and did it for an hour. I think this was probably a bit too enthusiastic of me though. It caused quite a bit of sensitivity for about 24 hours after so I gave it a break for a few days before trying again. In hindsight, I think I may also have been a bit heavy-handed with the gel that time too, as it was seeping onto the gums, so this was probably not helping with sensitivity either!

For my next application, I used less gel and avoided putting it in the back-section of the trays, concentrating only on the front top and bottom teeth. This time all was fine. Here’s a pic of my teeth during the treatment process. Notice how almost invisible the trays are?


I’ve  since completed 5 applications. I also found that once I had perfected the right amount and length of time my teeth could handle, I was even able to skip the desensitizing process.


Immediately after each I did see a definite whitening effect.  To be quite honest though, I don’t think I’ll get them much whiter than they are now. My teeth weren’t really that yellow to begin with, but they are slightly more transparent than others so I doubt they’ll ever get them looking as pearly-white as I know other happy customers have, but that said, I’m still very happy…

And here’s my “after” shot!


My husband also is trialling the product, but so far has only done two sessions. He didn’t need to worry about the desensitizing gel, and had no problems with sensitivity at all. The only issue he had (which is his fault, not the company’s!) is that his lower-teeth tray doesn’t fit properly on one side. He could easily have requested another mould (in fact they offered to send him another  to make a replacement tray) but he decided it would be quicker and easier to just snip off the section that doesn’t fit and that has done the trick!

He too noticed immediate results. He has much yellower teeth than I do, so I’m expecting when he does a few more sessions he’ll see even more of a brighter smile! He does need a few fillings replaced between his teeth, so that’s also letting down the over-all wow-factor and definitely not anything to do with Smile Brilliant not doing it’s job. He just needs to commit the time to do a few more sessions (he’s slack like that!). I’ll update this blog further  and will include some before and after pics from  him, so watch this space!

Disclaimer:  As each application was done at different times of the day, the lighting was obviously difficult to control. Therefore the colour of my teeth will look slightly different in some of the photos. I guess the important thing is the different between my before and after shot! And how happy I am with the whole process!

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