Up Close & Personal With Sofie Formica

Up Close & Personal With Sofie Formica

2016-01-04_12-58-46I first met Sofie Formica when I was working as a Production Assistant at Channel Seven. She’d not long returned from living in the USA and we recorded a TV Pilot at my home. I cannot tell you how blown away with her I was. She barely knew me, and I was very nervous about appearing on camera after so long behind the scenes but she did everything she could to encourage me.   She was so relaxed and friendly – and patient! She’s the real deal – gorgeous, down to earth, intelligent, compassionate. Truly a woman of great style – both inside and out!

Sofie has a seriously long list of on-camera achievements and her star continues to rise… 

In the early 1990s, she was host of two children’s programs – Channel Seven’s, Saturday Disney (1990–1992) and the weekday program, Now You See It (1990-1993). In hosting Now You See It, she became the first female game show host on Australian television.

To the older audience, she was presenter of several shows. She was host of the comedy Just Kidding (from 1992 until 1995). She was the original member of The Great Outdoors. She was a reporter on Extra. In the late 2000s until present, The Great South East.

She featured in Home and Away as the character Imogen Miller, in 10 episodes between 1992 and 1993 and  guest-starred on the American TV series Murder, She Wrote, Season 12, Episode 20, titled ‘Southern Double-Cross’ as the character Linda Molen.

In our recent interview, I discovered a few more interesting facts you may not know about the delightful Sofie Formica and her thoughts on life and being stylish…


A well dressed person… exudes confidence. It never fails to surprise me how clothes can directly effect how I carry myself.

A man should always…. listen! It’s a life skill few master.

I would describe my style as…completely dependent on my mood.

Lord Mayor Awards

My favourite wardrobe item at the moment is…. Silk harem pants in a variety of colours.

My favourite shops… Ben Sherman, Pink Mint, Olive Woman, Banana Republic.

My tips for looking great… moisturizer. The older I get the more I find myself focused on hydration.

Something you don’t know about me is… I have a passion (or obsession) for alternative therapies and nutrition.

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing today, I’d be… a yoga teacher.


My guilty pleasure is… lots and lots of candles.

If I had but one wish it would be… to have the financial freedom to take more family holidays.

Happiness is….every day my family wakes up happy and healthy.

Love is… a necessity, not a luxury.  Nothing much matters without it!

I get really cranky when… I have to REPEAT myself…over and over and over!!




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  1. I’ve always had a massive crush on Sofie.from way back when I first saw on channel 7 and still now.

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