Real Face Kawana Shoppingworld

Real Face Kawana Shoppingworld


I sure do have a newfound respect for the judges of reality talent shows like X Factor and Australia’s Next Top Model. How on earth do Danni Minogue, Sarah Murdoch and Guy Sebastian do this and get enough rest each night? It’s certainly not an easy gig!

I was indeed honoured to be asked to be on the judging panel of The Next Real Face of Kawana Shoppingworld but I also underestimated just how hard it would be!  I mean how do you choose when the calibre of all the finalists was so high? When for many different reasons, you just know they are all winners? 

Well, it had to be done, and I know how much all of us struggled with our final decision. So now I get to introduce you to them all. I’m very much looking forward to my next job – styling all of these lovelies prior to shooting our Kawana Shoppingworld TV Commercial. It’s going to be a big few days on the coast as we (shhh…you heard it here first…) cruise around in the stretch limo filming from location to location. Watch this space for more behind the scenes pics and teasers before the actual TVC goes to air.

In the meantime, allow me to introduce to you – in no particular order – the winners from each category:


Winner of the Families Category – The Findlay Family


Winner of the Seniors Category – Patricia McWilliams


IMG_3740 copy
Winner of the Male Teens Category – Flynn Samson


Winner of the Teens (female) category – Georgia Russell


Winner of the Male 20 – 35’s Category – Kodey Dwyer


IMG_3796 copy
Winner of Female 20 – 35’s Category – Caley Ashpole


Winner of 20 – 35’s Singles – Tim Henderson

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