Trench Coats & Blazers. An “Ask Al” from Tanya

Trench Coats & Blazers. An “Ask Al” from Tanya

Ok. So yes. This IS a screen grab from a private message with my friend dear friend Tanya who is currently holidaying in Kho Samui (Yep. Bitch.) She also just got engaged, in the most romantic, idyllic and delightful setting. Yep, she’s living the dream!  While I freeze my you-know-what’s off here and write blogs on how to look stylish while covered from head to toe in winter clothing 🙁

But it’s OK!  Despite the lovely shade of green I’m turning thinking of where she is and what she’s getting up to on her holiday,  I DID actually ask her permission before I decided to share this with you all. You see,  I was just so proud of myself! Proud of the lightning-fast remote-styling job I did for her so that she could have her first fitting at the tailors at 7pm (our time).

Here’s how it all went down. God, I’m good. Did I also mention “modest”?

So…the conversation continued….

In between we also chatted Wedding stuff, rings, proposals and lots of other exciting girly-stuff. But eventually I got back down to business. I quickly got a better feel for what Tanya had in mind for her jackets and advised accordingly.

Please note the timelines. God, I’m good.  Oh, that’s right. I already said that, didn’t I?

2013-05-31_16-12-25SO! No sooner had I received my brief, I started to put together a little style-guide collage for inspiration. Tanya also sent me a pic of the blazer she was thinking of. I was a little concerned with the “high-waist” which can sometimes make the lower half of the body appear larger than it is. So I also started working on a few blazer/cropped jacket ideas. Quick as a flash, I say….



And here’s the Trench Coat Style Guide I sent her…

(Hopefully big enough for you to read properly)

Again, note the timelines above. God I’m good! 🙂


After Tanya’s feedback below (neither of us has any idea what the predictive text meant when it came up with “nitro” – but we were women pressed for time and on a mission so we worked around it!)  I then sent through my blazer/jackets guide:


And here’s said Blazer/Jacket style guide for you to read/enjoy:


So there I left her! I’m sure she went off for cocktails after that, while I put on my slippers and fleecies and poured a glass of wine. Then today we resumed our quest for the perfect trench and blazer. I’m really hoping she heeds my advice and gets that white/off-white/cream jacket made as well…

2013-05-31_16-20-23So Al continued with her pushy subtle/gentle nudging for the simple, cropped Winter white blazer…

2013-05-31_16-33-00Update 10pm Friday 31st May: I received another message saying the first fitting went well and that Tanya had decided to do as she was told go with the white jacket as well! Yaay! Big Al won! After all, it’s all about me isn’t it? 🙂 Not.

Can’t wait to see the finished products, can you?…watch this space!

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  1. Love your style, oh, and how you dress people as well. I smiled more reading your article than I have all day. Thank you for being you.

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