Keeping Up As The Kardashians Take Kontrol?

Keeping Up As The Kardashians Take Kontrol?


I mean, seriously! Who gets paid $85 million (or thereabouts) to get married these days? Who wears 3 – yes, that’s THREE – wedding dresses to their wedding? Need I go on?…

I admit it. I think I’ve watched a total of maybe six episodes of the show. Partly to see what all the fuss was about, and partly because I was awake and there was nothing else to watch!  I was also between books and waiting for a friend to make a move on Words With Friends; and Twitter had pretty much gone to sleep too.

So…I sat there mesmerised as I watched a whole show about NOTHING (and I’m not being mean here, just honest); About NO ONE, doing pretty much NOTHING. And and all the while becoming a house-hold name because of it!

Sure. Kym IS stunning. Gimme that face/hair ANY day! Actually, gimme that bank balance while you’re at it will you? Sure, they are all now mega-rich and yet their only (initial) claim to fame was that the kids’ now deceased dad happened to be a lawyer for OJ Simpson way back in the day. But seriously? If fame was so easily created, wouldn’t we ALL be claiming our own little slice of the pie?  Pitching our stories to the networks and hoping for instant stardom? What IS it about this family that mesmerises so many?

FACT:  This family has worked damn hard to get where they have today (and that is, laughing all the way to the bank…and back…and then back again).

FACT: “Mom” (Kris Jenner) is laughing (and perhaps working) the hardest of them all. So should we begrudge them their time in the sun? For doing what appears to be diddly-squat?

Hmmm…I’ll leave that question with you to mull over for a bit, shall I? Because what I really want to chat to you about here is how quickly the Kardashians have positioned themselves within the fashion industry. They are not only a TV show, they are a “fashion label” no less. OMG. Go figure! But then find me a celeb who hasn’t branched out and marketed their brand into the luctrative fashion industry for at least a short time?

I recently had a quick look at some of the stuff the KK Kollection label is putting out here in Australia. And sorry. One word from me. “Krass” (spelling?) With a Kapital K.

Sorry girls. As beautiful as you  may be, I for one am just not fussed on your handbags. In fact, mind if I pass? I know (sadly) there will always be a market for trashy pieces and animal prints – and no points for guessing where/whom that market is. It’s just that it’s “not my thang”. Sorry.

So who WILL love the KK KOLLECTION? Who IS their market?

Hint:  If you ever loved wearing hot-pink velour/polyester track-suits (disguised as “lounge-wear” ala Juicy Couture) teamed with a bit of bling (oh, OK, bling dangling from every possible orifice if you must);  coupled with a bad GUESS bag so heavy it needs luggage wheels to cart around the shops, then you are just the market the KK label may be targeting.  Prepare to fork out a modestly reasonable (not OTT amount) for items that look, well, how can I say it…kinda cheap.

Don’t get me wrong though girls! Ask any of my clients and they’ll tell you I am the queen of bargains.  I sure don’t believe in paying exorbitant prices for so-called “designer duds” that are, well, just plain yuk! For me, it’s about having an eye for what LOOKS cheap as opposed to what IS cheap. It’s the difference between buying confidence/style because of the label, and buying because you really do love it and you really do look lovely IN IT!

Here’s a selection of some of the latest offerings to us here in the land of Oz. The “must-haves” from the KK range which are now available locally (yep, online, here in Australia). While the price-points are pretty damn cheap, for me they also reflect the quality of the product. Some of their designs are actually NOT that ugly/cheap looking-  but the materials are.

Personally, I’d rather pay a lot more for something that has NO label but looks twice as good. Just sayin… What do you think?

The Kardashians being interviewed on American TV – Ya just gotta laugh!


Leopard Print. I’m not a fan. Sorry girls!


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