Stylish Summer Sandals For Big Feet

Stylish Summer Sandals For Big Feet

Never underestimate the power of the shoe! The wrong shoes can make or break any outfit, but what if  you struggle to find shoes to fit your larger feet? Have you noticed that most of the shoes  you like stop at size 10? And what does that mean for you if you’re a size 11 or larger? That you have to resort oh-so-sensible, comfy nanna sandals? No way! Extra size in either clothing or shoes should not mean you have to compromise on style. I’ve got some solutions for you right here, and I promise there won’t be one Nanna shoe in sight!


I received an “Ask Al” style question from Janet     a while back and  as I’ve had a number of clients lamenting the same styling dilemma over the years, I decided it was well worth going the extra mile and providing a feature-length solution complete with actual style suggestions so that Janet (and all the other lovely ladies with slightly larger hoofs!) can discover my picks of the current styles and discover the stores that specialise in sizes up to Size 15.

When sourcing for my bigger-footed clients, I have three favourite stores. Rosenberg Shoes, Sole Haven Shoes and The Shoe Garden. So I’ve put together a small selection to inspire you for Summer ’13 below. If any of them take your fancy, just click on the store logo above the shoes and shop ’til you drop!














Style Tip: Need new clothes and accessories to go with your new shoes?  My favourite site is because it means I can send my clients a larger selection of items to choose from because they don’t have to worry about shipping OR returns. They order as many as they like and have them delivered to their door in next to no time – for FREE.  They also have 100 days to return them – again, for FREE!  Now what’s not to love about that? Ready to start shopping? Just click on the link below!



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