10 Minutes with…Channel Nine’s Alison Fletcher

10 Minutes with…Channel Nine’s Alison Fletcher


Well! Another month has passed and here we are again, interviewing yet another Person of Great Style, Alison Fletcher.

How did we discover Alison Fletcher? Well, she graces our TV screens on the Today Show and her skills/talent are really quite obvious. But let’s be honest too –  she was also “dobbed in” by her friend/running buddy, last month’s “Person of Great Style” Emily-Jade O’Keeffe. Luckily for Style Counsel, Alison really does have great style and didn’t refuse to take part, so read on to learn more about this very stylish lady.  Alison is soon to be married and will be embarking on the next phase of what many would call an already pretty stylish life. She may already have a great job, but more importantly, she has a great attitude and I’m sure that style will  permeate the rest of her life, whatever direction it may take!

Reporter/Journalist, Alison Fletcher (great name, huh?) is 30 years young. She’s a Sagittarius who was born in Sydney however she has well and truly earned her stripes as a Queenslander having attended uni here at QUT.  She loves chocolate, sports and (luckily given her job) travel.

Alison says…

“My fiance loves me because I love rugby union (well I don’t think that’s the only reason – but it’s up there) and I love my fiance because he is adventurous, makes me laugh, is a man of integrity, and we have (as my grandfather would say) “mutual interests”!

GA_2377Alison describes her signature style as “I aim for somewhere between classic and funky – if there is a medium there!” and her most memorable style/fashion moment is her  “MC Hammer dance costume back in year 6. A midriff combined with “hammer pants” which really wasn’t a good look. (Editor’s Note: Find me someone who considers what they wore back in Year 6 as stylish and I’ll eat my words! And my own bad 80’s hair-do!). Her style icon is Audrey Hepburn because of her effortless glamour.

“My favourite physical feature is my smile and my least favourite physical feature is my waistline and slightly unruly hair.  My favourite personal feature is my energy and my very own “secret” beauty or styling tip is wear whatever makes you feel fabulous” (again, 10 points from Style Counsel there!)

Alison Fletcher close upThe colour Alison has most of in her wardrobe is Yellow and Black and her wardrobe favourite is her yellow jeans (Note: I’ve requested that she show me these – I’ve never yet seen a pair of yellow jeans up-close! Stay tuned for my take on these!).

Her favourite store or label is ... “Cue is great for work;  Sacha Drake has gorgeous dresses, but generally I don’t discriminate. I go by the mantra “if it’s LOVE buy it … If it’s not – don’t” (Note from the Editor: Alison has never even done a Style Counsel Workshop, yet she already  knows that’s one of the Style Counsel Golden rules for shopping! It HAS to be love at first sight!)

“My favourite restaurant/food is Sings at Rosalie for cheap and cheerful. Otherwise Mexican, Indian. And great tapas…. Too many favourites! My favourite drink is “good champagne, or a lychee martini.

I dislike people who are dishonest and when I leave this earth I want to be remembered as someone who brightened other people’s day.

My biggest weakness is chocolate. And having to say no

My pet hate is having to take the bin out. (Editor’s Note: I must have a word with your hubby-to-be about this! This is definitely one of those “gender specific” jobs, isn’t it? heheh)

I am truly passionate about my friends and family.”

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