The Style Counsel Challenge – Sporting Heroes & Role Models

The media is a very powerful beast but all too often it teaches our kids that poor choices can still make you famous. Many believe that any publicity is better than no publicity but is it really out of the question for the media to inspire and motivate  with more prime-time coverage of stories such as those below?  Let’s spread the word that we  (the viewers, the readers, the listeners) are more interested in inspirational stories about  the GOOD eggs. The people who use their talents/skills/wealth or celebrity for GOOD. The people who know the true meaning of STYLE! Stories about true role-models like these guys…

Prepare to be Inspired

Hawk Shane Crawford  announced his retirement so he could spend more time with his sons, two-week-old Benjamin and two-year-old Charlie. Picture: Alex Coppel Source: Herald Sun

Shane Crawford

Most of us know ex-Hawthorne footballer Shane Crawford for his hilarious antics on the AFL Footy show – but this guy runs far deeper than that…much deeper than what you usually get to see on the TV each week. You see, sometimes what you see is NOT what you get. Shane Crawford is definitely one such character…

Click here for some great footage on his walk/run  from Adelaide to Melbourne – all for Breast Cancer. What a bloke. What an inspirational story. To see such unbridled emotion from a bunch of normally irreverent “boofy blokes” (I say that in the nicest possible way!) is truly moving. Make sure you watch it to the end for the full impact. Make yourself a cuppa and prepare to be inspired by the difference just one guy can make …

Jim Stynes

Amazing journey – Jim Stynes enjoys time with wife Sam and their children Matisse and Tiernan. Picture: Craig Borrow

For so many years Jim Stynes has reached for the stars to help our youth with his Reach Foundation. Now he has to reach deep inside to fight his biggest ever battle  – the fight for his own life.  I won’t rattle anymore about this one – Jim’s story speaks for itself…

Click here to read more and be truly inspired.

Warning: Grab a tissue first if you’re anything like me and your bladder is too close to your eyes!…

Style Counsel’s  Media Challenge

If indeed they’re reading or care at all about what their readers/viewers/advertisers care about, I beg them… How about spreading more of the good word and  inspiring us with some really amazing true-life stories. Preferably while these people are still alive, and not just as part of their obituaries!

How about we  leave the other real-life stories (the Ben Cousins and Matthew Newtons of this world) to work out their own issues out of the public spotlight and if/when it’s time to tell their story  do so not just to enable a career resurgence, TV ratings, to sell a DVD or because they are after a job in the media post-football/post-rehab. Let’s have a welcome break from Hollywood-style tabloid goss about all the trashy, troubled celebs. Give them some time out of the spotlight for a welcome change, so they can go right ahead with the business of getting well again…

Style Counsel’s Sunrise Challenge

Channel Seven’s Sunrise used to run a segment with Monique Wright (love her!). I think it was call “Real People’s Stories (please feel free to correct me here – I could be wrong). It was incredibly inspirational – but for some reason, they don’t run this anymore. It’s become a little more “tabloid” like over recent years, sharing with us more of the Hollywood dirt than would ever inspire anyone. Don’t get me wrong. Sunrise is still one of my favourite shows! But somewhere along the lines, their quest to share the love has waned. Bring it back I say! Lets see more stories of people who’ve overcome adversity, illness, and yes, even addictions – but with the right motivation and messages. Let’s work together to dispell the all-too-common belief (fueled further by youtube and other social media) that any publicity is good publicity. Let’s use the power of publicity to inspire our youth to want a little more than five-minutes of fame and celebrity; that celebrity can be a whole lot more powerful when it used well…

Style Counsel’s Facebook/Social Media Challenge

How about sharing a link to this blog or the stories above on your own Facebook page so others have a chance to discover what real models look like? We all know  Gen-Y’s (and many generations above and below – me included!) love and live on social media. But how about we post more links to more of these types of stories?

We’ve all seen a million photos and read a billion FB updates of messy Friday night antics and somewhat-trashy photos of “woo-hoo” girls drinking themselves into early dementia. We’ve all read thousands of  random-teaser-type FB Status updates that neither inform nor entertain. How about we all start using the power of our own FB networks to share more inspirational stories such as these and leave our own quests for 5-minute-fame behind for a bit?! There’s the challenge! Go for it!

“The best way to make yourself feel good is to make someone else feel better” (Alison Triffett) and I guarantee you will inspire and help more people spreading the word about true role models than you will telling us all on FB that you’re off for another huge night at the pub!  Try it! You just might like it – and you just might learn a thing or two too, and just may help someone else in need of a bit of inspiration…

If you know of any other other inspirational role-models who don’t get anywhere near the amount of media exposure they deserve, please comment right here on the blog – or contact me. I will do all I can (yep, just little ol’ me!) via my blog, newsletters and website. Let’s all stand up for what we believe in  – I’m passionate about  this! I want to see a shift! I may be only one lone voice, but I don’t care!

As my lovely friend (and another incredibly inspirational role-model) Rebecca Sparrow quotes regularly “If you think you are too small to make a difference try sleeping with a mosquito.” Dalai Lama

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  1. Here Here! I totally agree with you Al. I’d rather see inspirational stories about people doing kind things for others or surviving cancer or other illness or disability than watch “stars” spectacularly fall from grace & get back up again. There are so many unsung heroes out there doing so much for others every single day.

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