My Style. Your Style. So What’s Your Flavour?

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I often talk about “what I know for sure”, and what I know for sure is this… Most people know what they don’t like, but they don’t necessarily know what they DO like! That’s why we all criticize, judge, complain etc with ease, and why it seems almost rare to hear people praise, compliment, recommend or talk about what we DO like! It’s also why most of us have a wardrobe full of clothes we hardly ever wear! We bought things because we didn’t want to come home with nothing, or because we didn’t really hate them and thought “This will just have to do”!  So, with that in mind, I thought I’d share with you all what inspires me in the hope that it inspires you to find out what makes you YOU…

Who were you when you were young, footloose and fancy free? What fashions did/do you really like? (I don’t care if it’s IN right now – because if it is, guaranteed it will be OUT by next season anyway!).  Let’s do some research on everyone’s number one favourite topic – yourself! This time, it’s absolutely OK to be self-absorbed. You’re not just waxing lyrical about yourself – you’re soul-searching, or what I call “Style-searching” (big difference!) And it’s worth the journey! Trust me!…

My style is a combination  of a number of things….and whether you know it or not, so is yours!

Mine is a product of a uniquely odd European heritage – a Greek Dad, and an Irish Mum. I guess that makes me Greekish, yes? Or on a hot day, “Ireek”! But temper that with the laid-back Aussie heritage that growing up in Australia gives you and somehow you come up with “me”!

Mine is also a product of many other things.The image industry in which I’ve worked since I was 19; the lessons I’ve wanted to impart on my children about taking pride in one’s appearance, and probably most importantly, the ill-health which I’ve been “blessed” with all of my life and the need to convince myself that I’m actually doing OK even when I’m not! Put these all together and you have Big Al and her own individual style!

BUT, it doesn’t stop there! Let’s also factor in a few other things along the way, shall we? What about the climate you live in? Your budget? Your lifestage and your lifestyle? What’s actually available in the stores? How handy you are (or like me, NOT) with a needle and thread? Which style icons you admire? Your body shape?….Aaah…the list goes on!

Asking yourself questions similar to the above – see what you can come up with in order to find your own Signature Style. Once you start thinking about it, I can assure you will get a better handle on what you DO like. Once you do that, you will come up with a way of styling yourself that make you feel good inside and out. Trust me! It really does work! And if you want to know more, Big Al is just an email away…

SO…I ask you…what’s YOUR flava?!….

3 Responses to My Style. Your Style. So What’s Your Flavour?

  1. Tees and shorts. Mostly surfer tees b/c that is who I was on the West Coast. Now on the Gulf Coast one is more comfy the less one wears. But always a walking billboard for Ducks Unlimited or Benelli Pump Super Nova shotguns. The only other tee was a military tee I finally threw out yesterday. I don’t shave my face but once a week, but keep a trimmed profile elsewhere. My wife cuts my head of hair and does a great job of it. She gives me the used car salesman-bob. That comes in handy with my graying temples. I wear R.S.V.P. cologne all the time and a little extra when I feel like I want to troll just a little. As you know R.S.V.P. is Kenneth Cole, a designer holdout from days long past. I don’t come in contact with very many people I know and since I make it a point not to know many people, the math works. And if I do make periodic contact with people in general, I’m behind a wall of sunglasses and Ipod ear phones. My sunglasses are brown evil wicked cat eye looking that cover my seeing glasses like those old people driving sunglasses. I have two sets of lens on my face at all times when traversing the planet, three if you count my real eyes. My earphones are black which gives me that Terminator-esque all plugged in, let me call the mother ship look. I have one splurge however; I wear Teva cross-country sandals when I’m not wearing steel-toed ditch-digger black rubber boots. I never wear underwear – never. If one looks casually at a glancing pace one can pretty much make out what all is going on “down under.” They say the older we get we become “long in the tooth.” Well, I maintain in certain situations gravity is my friend. I call it, “The Hang.”

    That’s my style and I’m sticking to it. I still get looks from young women to well, my age – not old. The reason I know they are good looks is the first thing they do upon eye contact is start fixing their hair. See what I mean? I still got it. Before that it was $1,200 Donna Karan suits and Kenneth Cole everything else. I prefer the tees and shorts. Since you asked, and maybe now regret it, that’s MY flava.


  2. Well thought out Ron! Clearly a man who knows what he likes, where he’s going and where he’s been! Hats off to you for being so self/style aware! I can see my work here is well and truly wasted on you – you need no help defining your signature style, nor the effect it has on those who “fix their hair” when they make your acquaintance!

    Are you sure they’re not trying to tell you your hair is all over the shop and perhaps a comb might be in order? Just a thought…heheh. Naaah. I’m sure it’s ‘cos you are truly George Clooney’s double and they are just going weak at the knees and hoping The Audobon will notice them…

    As for the “free-balling”…well, I guess your mother’s “Make sure you wear clean undies in case you get hit by a bus” comments fell on deaf ears then!?


  3. Big Al: Thought I’d come and weigh in. You know I’m teasing -about the girls fixing their hair part. It’s more like, grab the kids, get them to the car, immediately, here comes that man. 🙂

    P.S. In the winter, its all about flannel.

    And I lied. I do wear underwear. I “always” wear a white tee under dress up shirts. But let me say this, “free balling” (love the term BTW) is an aboriginal Karamojong warrior tradition and is as far as I can determine, a style to its own. It is all about the right wiggle in walk for me. I’m serious. I’m not trying to be weird here. I love the freedom.

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