10 Minutes With…Emily Jade O’Keeffe

10 Minutes With…Emily Jade O’Keeffe

Emily Jade, Emily Jade. Emily Everywhere! Where do I start? I met EJ for the first time earlier this year when she agreed to be my Model for the YWCA’s “Love Your Body” event.  I don’t get to listen to morning radio much – it’s no secret – I’m a Sunrise/Morning Show fan so unless I’m in the car at some ungodly early hour of the morning Radio doesn’t get much of a look-in. But I do know that if I WAS  out of bed/in the car  I’d be tuning in to “The Cage” to get my daily dose of  Emily Jade!  Instead, I subscribe to her “Emily Everywhere” Blog to read her thoughts on everything from IVF to husbands who fart in bed, to volunteering for the YWCA’s Love Your Body event!

Read on to find out a little more about this wonderful woman who’s honoured (I hope!) to join the ranks of “Style Counsel’s People of Great Style”…

33 years young (a Scorpio) and born in Gatton Queensland, Emily Jade refers to herself as a Media Personality. And I concur because “personality” is very much what she has loads of!  Emily Jade has a little white fluffy dog called Libby who loves her too much and goes into melt down “Otherwise known as separation anxiety which we are trying to fix it as it is annoying the neighbours…which sometimes it a good thing! xo” when she leaves the house!

EJ says “My husband Gerard loves me because he says I’m sexy and driven and I get free tickets to the Wallaby games.  I love him because he is hot and makes me laugh and he is my number one fan (which you need in this industry – so many people are ready to tear you down)”.

She describes her signature style as “Whatever goes, as long as it has an element of glam. I like to mix it up. I might rock it up in black and leather with sparkly earrings one day, then go for a pretty 50’s style dress the next. I like all the eras and I’m loving the 80’s look at the moment. Puffed sleeves, lace gloves and bows in your hair are my favorite”.

EJ’s most memorable style/fashion moment was her “Wedding day. I think I designed a dress that won’t date and I felt my most beautiful.”  Her worst fashion moment was “a fluffy pink op-shop cardigan that looked like your Nanna’s toilet seat cover”!

Emily Jade’s style icon is Cate Blanchet, and the colour she has most of in her wardrobe is pink, which is just as well, as her favourite physical feature is her lips.  “My very own ‘Secret’ beauty or styling tip is I wear a wig sometimes when I don’t want to do my hair!  No-one knows….till now!”  Emily Jade’s  wardrobe favourite is her “hot pink knee-high boots and a black Kookai jacket”, but she doesn’t have a favourite store, as such – she prefers to shop around. She does, however, have a favourite restaurant! It’s Quan Thang Vietnamese in West End.

EJ’s biggest weakness is that she “has meltdowns every now and then when I get stressed or too busy. Hubby has become very good at diffusing the meltdowns by doing simple things like giving me a hug.” Style Counsel thinks that makes hubby a pretty cool guy too, don’t you agree?

EJ is truly passionate about life but her pet hate is “negativity and judgment of people you don’t know. What I want my children to know is good manners and to be accepting of everyone and their eccentricities”.  (I am so glad she’s going to teach her kids that, because I can be quite eccentric at times myself, while I am also very proud of my good manners – so I guess EJ’s kids and I will get on just fine? Right EJ?)

EJ tells me “Mum/Dad always said ‘Hold your fork right’ but I think what makes a person truly stylish is confidence and a smile. I think Alison’s next Person of Great Style Interview should be with Alison Fletcher from Channel 9’s Today Show because we have become running buddies for the Bridge to Brisbane and she is just unreal!”

Well Emily Jade, your wish is my command! Luckily Alison Fletcher has graciously agreed to be my September Interviewee.  She also tells me she can’t wait to read THIS interview to get the lowdown on you first though!  I’m hoping we haven’t disappointed her here, but I figure if you’re running buddies she’d pretty much know all of your “dirt” by now anyway?  Thanks for being such a great sport EJ!

If you haven’t already checked out EJ’s Blog  “Emily Everywhere” click here for a really great read….

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  1. Hi Allison. Thank you for sending me over here from Twitter. I love Em J – I met her at a friends wedding where she was the celebrant and have followed her blog and her tweets ever since. Hopefully not in a stalkerish type of manner? She is a gorgeous person and reading her interview with you reminded me just how lovely she is. xx

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