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What else I know for sure

That if you forget to turn your electric-blanket off, you can make human-toast… That it’s really cold at the moment and still hard to get out of bed, no matter how long you delay it… That my husband slept on MY side of the bed while I was in hospital recently (and used my electric… Continue Reading

“What I know for sure…”

Yesss! I’ve finally negotiated an early parole on the promise to the Doc that I can juggle meds/pain levels at home. “Don’t y’all worry. It ain’t nothin’ little Big Al can’t handle!”  A painful/weakened left arm is a small price to pay for freedom after 10 days incarceration at “Le ‘otel de Wesley”! During my… Continue Reading

Hate Shopping? Let Style Counsel Do it for you Online!

Hate clothes shopping? Too busy or just rather be sleeping? Never seem to find what you’re after, or don’t really know what suits you? Why not let your  Personal Stylist  shop online for you? Online Personal Styling is here!  YES, the Style Counsellor is now also your Online Style “Sourcerer” Whether you’re looking to update… Continue Reading

Sex And The City II. A Shoe-In?

Opinions are like bottoms – everyone has one! And if the recent reviews about the much anticipated SATC2 are any indication, this movie is one that has clearly divided opinions (or “split cheeks”)!  Here’s mine – for what it’s worth… Choosing to ignore all of the negative opening reviews, on Friday night I totted off… Continue Reading

“As a Busy Mum…” How sick are you of hearing that?

Sheeez! Someone, please find me a NOT busy mum! Seriously! Does she exist? (without mega-celeb status and 4 full-time nannies?).  From one “busy mum” to the many others who are just as busy but NOT mums,  I am SO OVER  every TV commercial being prefaced with this martyr-ish, holier-than-thou guilt-trip! Aren’t you? What makes “us… Continue Reading

What’s with our Celeb Obsessions?

Just putting out a discussion topic to you all.  I’d love you to share your thoughts – in the hope that we can all help eachother – either by broadening our perspective or perhaps (if we’re sharing similar thoughts) letting us know we’re not alone in our thinking! Questions to Ponder: How do you feel… Continue Reading

Tread Carefully Through Fashion Fads…

Flicking through a recent copy of a popular fashion mag I was flabbergasted to see a combo being sold to us as “Left Bank Cool” (the outfit in question is not the one pictured. This was just another example of a trend combo gone wrong). They were implying that if we buy these  pieces we too… Continue Reading

What’s Your Style When You’re Not Feeling Well?

I love my sleep, don’t you?  But when we don’t get enough of it it’s really no fun. And it seems the more you think about the sleep you’re not getting, the less you get! Lucky for my loved ones I’m not a cranky-pants when I haven’t caught enough zz’s! Case in point – my recent trip to… Continue Reading