Some have it. Some don’t. Everyone can get some. What is it?


Jana is truly stylish - inside & out

What do you think I’m talking about here?! No, not sex! Get your mind above the waist please! I’m talking about CLASS.

These  girls have it: Jana Wendt. Amanda Seyfried. Jennifer Aniston. Sarah Murdoch. Megan Gale.  Mandy Moore.

These girls don’t: Lady Gaga. Lindsay Lohan. Amy Winehouse. Paris Hilton. Brittany Spears.

Why?  Oh where shall I start…

All have enough money, fame and celebrity to buy whatever their heart desires.

All  have access to support-staff, stylists, experts in their field to help them project whatever image they desire.

All  have agents and a PR machine but not all of them choose to put the opportunities they are given or the advice they get to good use.

Despite the public persona, a truly classy celeb is one that knows who she is and what she stands for.  She stays true to herself and adopts an outer style that is in sync with the inner person.

She is not a trashy, flamboyant, attention-seeking, fashion victim.

She doesn’t throw tantrums in public and treats others as she wants to be treated.

She looks after the genetic gifts she’s been blessed with. She doesn’t seek confidence or thrills via drugs and alcohol.

She knows the power of LESS. She knows how trashy it looks to be leggless and/or panty-less. She chooses a few drinks with friends over pub-crawls; a glass or two over a bottle or three…

She uses the power of her celebrity for good and often seeks privacy for her/her family instead of constant media attention.

She handles herself with grace and dignity,  whatever scandal the media or paparazzi may true to generate or imply.

She does not seek attention and publicity at any cost – negative or positive.

She may even manage to get engaged/married/divorced/have a baby without the world’s glare.

She will usually decline to comment on constant speculation of her  latest romance, and if single will actually avoid “being seen” in the highly visible nightclubs of Hollywood just so she can stay on the pages of our trashier tabloids.

She doesn’t necessarily always live in designer labels and wears shoes she can actually walk in.

She chooses education and hard work over partying and jail. She knows there is no such thing as an overnight success and today’s celebrity newspapers will be lining the bins tomorrow.

Shall I go on? By stating the obvious reasons a woman can be considered classy – if you’d prefer to join the ranks of a trash-bag, just do the opposite to all of the above!

Style Counsel Tips for Instant Class

We may not need to worry about our public image quite as much as the celebs, but regardless  there are so many positive things we simple folk can do for our own image to ensure we don’t find ourselves on the list of “those who don’t”. Consider the following:

  • If it’s cold enough for you to put on a jacket or cardie, it’s cold enough for you to cover your toes. That said, what’s with the following combos?  Shorts, Boob-tube, Ugg boots, Scarf.  OR  T-shirt, Shorts, Thongs, Beanie?
  • Statement shoes are one thing. Ridiculous heels that are taller than your legs are long make you look stupid. Draw attention to your best bits – don’t let shoes become the sum total of your outfit.
  • Avoid fake talons with nail decals, and big, square, false french manicures.
  • Tone down the piercings and tats. Less is more. Art is art, but human art ages and decays and the messages do dull with time. You are the curator of your own art. Think carefully. You are ever-evolving and what you may consider “beautiful” may not be considered so 20 years from now.
  • Avoid shock-factors at all costs. Being individual means you wear what you like and what makes you feel good/pretty. NOT what makes you stand out from the crowd for the sake of being noticed.
  • Get noticed for all the right reasons. For your fresh, clean appearance. Impeccable grooming. Great (seemingly effortless) style and the way you light up a room with your smile and friendly manner.
  • Speaking of manners. Make sure you use them! All the time!
  • Remember – good etiquette is about how you make others feel in your presence. To practice good etiquette every day is easy. It becomes as much a habit as brushing your teeth.
  • Learn the art of communication. Know when it’s best to say nothing. Better still, become a good listener as opposed to a good speaker.
  • Don’t give up until you find THE perfect jeans. Jeans should lift your butt, and suck you in. Saggy, baggy jeans, no matter how “comfy” you think they are, are not going to do your butt justice!
  • Invest in great foundation garments. Never underestimate the confidence, smooth lines and figure enhancements a good “gut-sucker” can give you!
  • Money can’t buy class. And designer-labels certainly don’t always look amazing either.
  • Cheap bags/shoes can often look just that – cheap. There is a difference between  inexpensive and looking cheap. Best to buy the best quality leather you can afford, in classic style without excess bling/bells and whistles.
  • In today’s world, you image extends beyond your appearance and your manners. It’s on display (permanently) via social networking mediums such as Facebook/Twitter etc. Never underestimate the power of the photos you post on there to come back and bite you one day!

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  1. Fab post as always! so very, very true agree with all of the above.
    In particular- buying the unbranded genuine leather, classic bag over the fake Gucci is so much more classy!

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