Celeb Interview: 10 Minutes with…Rebecca Sparrow

Celeb Interview: 10 Minutes with…Rebecca Sparrow

Bec Sparrow is one classy lady. From the very first moment I read her book “The Girl Most Likely” I knew that the woman behind the story was the real deal. So, straight from the author’s mouth, the following are Bec’s answers to my incredibly hard-hitting, in depth questions. You’ll quickly see why I think she’s a true woman of style…

Ava loves me because – I am the “keeper of the cheese sticks (Ava is OBSESSED with cheese sticks at the moment).”

My husband Brad loves me because – I make fabulous chicken enchiladas and a pretty mean lamb roast.  I love him because he has great integrity, determination and compassion. Brad champions my career as though it were his own. Plus he’s a spunk.

I would describe my “signature style” as….well, I don’t know, really. I don’t spend much time thinking about fashion (which is blatantly obvious if you see me in person). Ideally I love classic items mixed in with a few quirky or unusual pieces. Sadly most days I am dressed in track pants and an old t-shirt at home.
My most memorable style/fashion moment was…1989 when I went to my school formal and looked like I’d stepped out of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun film clip (big permed hair, stra-pless gown with huge tulle skirt and long fingerless gloves. Good grief …

My style icon is .. I don’t really have a style icon (gee, can you tell?). But I do think Cate Blanchett, Megan Gale, Poh Ling Yeow and Yumi Stynes are pretty close to what I’d term “style icons”.
The colour I have most of in my wardrobe is….black (how deeply unoriginal) and rosy red. Actually there’s lots of cobalt blue and green. (I love bright, primary colours)

My favourite physical feature is my neck and shoulders (when I’m standing up straight!)
My very own “Secret” beauty or styling tip is pay to get your “colours” done (Editor’s note: Al may disagree with this bit Bec, but you’re on the right track with the next bit) and have a style analysis. It will cost you a few hundred dollars but it will save you thousands of dollars. When you work out what colours and styles suit your colouring and features – it takes the risk out of shopping. You’ll stop buying items on a whim that you never, ever wear.
My wardrobe favourite is (something I wear over and over again) a white trench coat (from GAP) and a black Jigsaw dress.
My favourite store (or label or stores) is/are Alannah Hill, Country Road, Laura Ashley, Sportscraft and Jigsaw
My favourite food is Thai
My biggest weakness is potato chips
My pet hate is people who complain (and complain and complain) but don’t do anything to change their circumstances.
I am truly passionate about teaching kids the importance of being resilient and the benefits of volunteering and finding ways to use your passion to give back to the community.
What I want my children (or the next generation) to know is that the real definition of success is to be significant in your community. At the end of your life, have you made a difference? Is someone else breathing easier because you existed?
Mum/Dad always said you have the world at your feet. You have nothing to lose so why not give everything a go. (They were very big on teaching me that it’s no big deal to fail at stuff).
I think what makes a person “truly stylish” is a beautiful smile and a generous heart. And good hair!
I think Alison’s next Person of Great Style interview should be with
Emily-Jade O’Keefe because she is the type of person who can find items at Target or in an op-shop and still look like a million dollars. What’s her secret?!

Well, Bec, I ‘ve asked EJ and  thankfully she is was agreeable as you were to being the subject of my next Celeb interview! So, I’m sure we’ll find out the answer to that secret (along with many others!) in the August edition of  The Style Files and “10 Minutes with…Emily-Jade O’Keefe“.

If you haven’t already check out Rebecca Sparrow’s website and all of her wonderful books.


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