Sex And The City II. A Shoe-In?

Opinions are like bottoms – everyone has one! And if the recent reviews about the much anticipated SATC2 are any indication, this movie is one that has clearly divided opinions (or “split cheeks”)!  Here’s mine – for what it’s worth…

Choosing to ignore all of the negative opening reviews, on Friday night I totted off with my daughter to a special event screening (thanks to Shirt Studio). It was my first real night out since my surgery a few weeks ago and I was determined to enjoy it! The first thing I noticed at the pre-movie function was SHOES! OMG! It was like a competition over who could wear the most outlandish, outrageous, ridiculously high, attention-seeking shoes! Some had gone all out with their outfits too, but the overriding theme was definitely “Please look at me and my shoes”!

Sipping my champagne Elle and I found ourselves gazing at feet…or shoes, to be more precise. You really can discover a lot about a person from their choice of shoes and this people watching really got me thinking…Which of the four Sex and The City characters would each of these women actually consider themselves to be most like?  If you really think about it, it’s not a case of picking your favourite character or the one you most want to look/live/be like. It’s about knowing who YOU are and then relating your personality to the characters. It’s quite obvious that each of the four SATC girls’ wardrobes are a clever reflection of their on-screen character (Style Counselling to a tee!). And that’s what finding your own Signature Style is all about – knowing who you are and what image you want to project.

Which am I? Which are you?

Miranda : Strong, career-driven, intelligent, serious, honest, confident, loyal.

Charlotte : Classic, feminine, sensitive, conservative, traditional, family-orientated, loyal.

Carrie : Quirky, individual, free-spirited, intuitive, independent, confident, loyal.

Samantha : Out there, fiercely independent, very confident, fun-loving, glamorous, sexy, funny, loyal.

Note the words that quickly jumped into my head to describe each character?  Note the last word describing each? Loyal. I guess what I personally have always loved most about the TV series/movies is this. The friendship. The loyalty. Their commitment to each other and complete acceptance of each others’ differences.  If any of us “want what they’ve got” it shouldn’t be their postcode, their wardrobes, their jobs, their bodies, their pay-packets, their boyfriends, husbands, their houses, their nannies,  or their SHOES! It should be the thing that all women want/need – the love of a handful (or less) of REAL, honest, close friends who always have your back and are there for you in both good times and bad.

That’s what I love about Sex And The City – both 1 AND 2!

Ofcourse I look at the fashion too. In my job, that’s a given! But I am more interested to see how many women will watch the movie and then actually try to emulate the clothes (and the shoes, as I saw at the screening the other night). I guess it’s that very same endless quest for a Signature Style that keeps Personal Stylists like me working – so I’m really not complaining –  in fact, I’m grateful! But I thought I’d give you a quick thumbs up/down based on my first impressions – I will probably need to see it again/do more research in order to really make a more educated call….sigh…what a job I have 🙂

Words of caution – My short-list of the best and the worst of SATC2

Don’t let your SATC2 excitement blind you. Most of the fashions are quirky, attention-grabbing statements designed specifically for a movie set. They are not easily translated into real life unless you’re after some cringe-worthy photos/memories. Get to know who you really are and only adapt a few components of any outfit at any one time. For me, that means sticking with my signature style (classic) and my initial picks from the movie which should be able to be tastefully replicated to suit your lifestyle and bodyshape:

GOOD: The White Dress

GOOD : Carrie’s white dress (both the long one and the short). Yum. Classic, flattering on many bodies, and easily accessorised to show off your own style-personality.

GOOD : Carrie’s nude sandals (sorry, can’t find a good pic, but you’ll know them when you see them).

BAD : Midriff tops & high-rise stone-wash jeans

BAD : Carrie’s midriff-bearing high-rise stone-wash jeans. OK, she so she HAS got the bod, personality and confidence to “carrie” it off; and it may have worked well in the sixties (that lovely fresh, young “gidget” look) – but in real life it can only be done well by a very select few!

BAD : Heels in sand; Heels while hanging around your apartment writing; Heels around a pool; Heels in bed…Need I go on?! It’s one thing to be “well-heeled” but this heel over-kill is really bordering on the ridiculous!

Share with me here, some of your hits and misses from the movie. I’d really love to read your views on the  movie’s fashion favourites, faux pas, and friendship!

2 Responses to Sex And The City II. A Shoe-In?

  1. Hey Al – love this blog. I’m a serious SATC fan – so much so that even though I am going to a girls’ night viewing next Friday, I couldn’t wait that long and went with some friends on Thursday night.

    I was a bit nervous because of the bad reviews I had read, but I had a great night regardless. I was in the company of some of my great friends – friends I have had since high school. If we did the montage of how we met as they did in the movie…it would be seriously scary, and ugly. But each of these friends also has a great style which reflects their personality and lifestyle – seems we may have just grown up!

    And of all the characters, I love Carrie’s style the best. I agree with you – those white dresses were amazing, and I absolutely fell in love with the green dress she was wearing at the end – you know, just a little something to wear around the house 🙂 Now if only I could master walking in sky-high heels the way she can! (Maybe I’ll try again when I’m not 37 weeks pregnant and the size of a house!)

  2. Hi Al!

    I just finished reading this and while I am not too sure which character I am descriptive wise I think the photo of the girls in the black dresses makes it easier to see. I was immediately drawn to Charlotte’s then Samantha’s. Why? – I used to TOTALLY be a Samantha dresser (flirty, revealing, etc) when I was younger and skinner and now really like Charlotte’s stuff. She is still sexy but feminine, classical and refined. All things I WANT and try to be! Make sense? xx

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