Sale Preparation is Vital!

Take some time to prepare yourself. Those fluorescent lights & fitting room mirrors will have you heading for the hills instead of the checkout if you don't spend some time preparing yourself for them first!

Just as you would prepare a surface when painting, gardening or  building  preparation is vital if you want the end result of your shopping trip to be everything you hoped it would be. Don’t hit the shops without first taking into account this plan of attack. You will be glad you did, I promise!

A few days before…

Before you even consider buying any new anythings, you should at least do some shopping in your own wardrobe to get a handle on where the gaps are. You need to remind yourself just how many black tops you have; or how many bright prints or bold coloured maxis you own – you know…the items you’ve forgotten you already have plenty of but just keep seem to buy more of whenever you hit the shops?

Think of your shopping expedition as a way of shopping smart and filling those gaps with classic, quality pieces instead of just another $20 tee that doesn’t make you feel great anyway!

On the Day…

7am – Roll out of bed & get into that shower!  Time’s a wastin’! You’ve got that Xmas Turkey to work off today girls! You’ll need to start early if you’re going to nab that perfect parking spot (if hubby isn’t dropping you in) and parking can get quite ugly during the sales – you learnt that lesson last year, right? You’ll also want to park as close to the entry as you can, so you can drop off your purchases as you go and free up your shopping arms too….right?!

 7.15am – Do your hair and makeup –  never go shopping looking or feeling daggy. Fluro lights and fitting room mirrors are scary enough without your eyes gazing at the zit on your chin instead of that great frock you’re trying on! Be armed & tackle this task head-on with confidence!

7.30am – Wear comfy clothes that you can get in and out of with ease. A simple frock is often best, and choose flats that you can kick on and off just as easily. Leave your large tote bag behind and go for a cross-body bag so you’re hands-free and can fend off all those chooks scratching around the sale tables trying to steal your bargains!

7.45am – Eat a decent breakky including protein so you don’t get to the mall and immediately feel the need for a coffee-stop .  You’ll only waste precious time sitting in cafes on a day like today!  Best to save that for lunchtime when you need to regroup and check your list/finances and gaze lovingly through your purchases!

8am – Get thee to the mall! And I recommend going it alone initially. You can meet up with a friend if you like but arrange to do that later to allow yourself time to do your own reccy first without being slowed down as your friend looks at children’s wear or manchester, all the while  those killer heels with your name written all over them are being snapped up by someone else!

Check back again in the next day or so for…
“Shopping Smart – How to do it and what you should look out for!”

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